Redlands Employee Directory

All faculty, as well as full-time staff are listed below, sorted by first name. You can search full or partial names and department names in the boxes below if you are looking for someone specific.

We also have a listing of only  First Generation College Graduates who are part of the Redlands team.

Name Job Title Department
Photo of Abbigale Dodson not yet available Abbigale Dodson Upward Bound Instructor

Upward Bound

Photo of Abby Marr Abby Marr Wedding, and Event Liaison


Photo of Adriauna Barnett Adriauna Barnett Administrative Assistant

Print Shop

Photo of Alex Shafer Alex Shafer Professor of English and Developmental Writing,…

Academic Center for Enhancement

Photo of Amber Dickinson Amber Dickinson Adjunct Instructor for Social Science

Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Photo of Amy Graham Amy Graham   Project Director for Title IV Student Support Services…

TRIO - Student Support Services

Photo of Amy Post-McCorkle Amy Post-McCorkle Adjunct Professor for Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Photo of Amy Sailer not yet available Amy Sailer Upward Bound Instructor

Upward Bound

Photo of Amy Schroeder Amy Schroeder Adjunct Instructor for Performing Arts

Liberal Arts

Photo of Amy Woods Amy Woods Administrative Assistant

Foundation and Agriculture

Photo of Angela Graham not yet available Angela Graham Upward Bound Bus Driver

Upward Bound

Photo of Ann Marshall not yet available Ann Marshall Adjunct Professor for Agricultural Science

Mathematics & Science

Photo of Anna Rinehart Anna Rinehart Coordinator for Fitness for Life Program

Fitness Trainer

Photo of Annie Pearson Annie Pearson Vice President for Academic Affairs

Administration of Academic Services

Photo of Ashlea Crossley Ashlea Crossley Adjunct Professor for Social Science

Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Photo of Ayesha Khaton Ayesha Khaton Adjunct Professor for Mathematics

Mathematics & Science

Photo of Bailey Trammell Bailey Trammell   Adjunct Professor for Social Sciences

Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Photo of Beau Richmond Beau Richmond Head Coach of Women's Soccer

Health, Phys Ed & Recreation

Photo of Bethany Holley-Griffith not yet available Bethany Holley-Griffith Adjunct Professor for History

Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Photo of Betty Zucksworth not yet available Betty Zucksworth Fitness Center Worker

Fitness for Life

Brandi Krittenbrink Brandi Krittenbrink Adjunct Instructor for Early Child Development

Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Photo of Brandon Callis Brandon Callis Professor of Agriculture, Coordinator of Competitive…

Business and Agriculture

Photo of Brandy Chase not yet available Brandy Chase Adjunct Professor for Nursing

Nursing and Allied Health

Photo of Brayden Bleeker Brayden Bleeker Data Entry Specialist/Admin Assistant


Photo of Brenda Harkins Brenda Harkins Business Office Supervisor, Director of Purchasing

Business Office