High School Students Earn College Credit Early Through Redlands Concurrent Enrollment Program

Eligible high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to get a head start on their college education.

Concurrent enrollment allows these students to enroll in college courses while still attending high school so they can start earning credits and acclimate to college life early. This opportunity is attractive for students who want to reduce the time it takes to obtain their degree after high school and save some money.

Concurrent enrollment makes smart financial sense for high school seniors because their tuition is covered and they are only responsible for paying for course fees, the cost of books and any other required supplies. Tuition for up to 18 credit hours is waived for seniors during the academic year they attend college. Juniors can take concurrent classes but are responsible for all tuition, fees and other expenses.

This program also benefits students because they transition to college freshmen with a clearer understanding of what to expect from the collegiate level, as well as how to access resources on campus to assist in academic success.   

Amy Graham, Redlands Director of Admissions and Advising, works directly with high school counselors to ensure each student is enrolled in courses based on their strengths. This type of individualized attention helps students succeed in their coursework. 

“Concurrent enrollment is linked to higher college attendance rates and higher performance in freshmen level coursework. Concurrent students transition to freshmen with familiarity of college courses under their belt and the confidence to push forward academically,” Graham said. 

El Reno High School senior Catherine Huber will be taking two classes this summer and then attending Redlands in the fall as a sophomore. Huber will graduate high school nearly finished with her freshman year of college.

“I have enjoyed being able to take classes online and work as a concurrent student to help me get closer to my desired degree. I plan to complete my Associate in Science degree here at Redlands to help me get toward my goal of being an occupational therapist,” Huber said. 

There are currently several high-achieving concurrent students at Redlands who are focused and working diligently toward their educational and career goals. In fact, one concurrent student, who has been extremely intentional and worked very hard, will be receiving both her high school diploma and her associate degree from Redlands in May 2020.  

Graham and her team are focused on educating students about what is involved with concurrent enrollment so they fully understand expectations.

“I would encourage each student to have an honest conversation with their parent and high school counselor concerning their ability to successfully complete college courses with their other responsibilities,” Graham said.

She added that students also need to know that Redlands faculty are one of the best resources they have for academic success. Because of the college’s learner-centered environment, the faculty are focused on engaging students in challenging curriculum while providing opportunities for collaboration inside and outside of the classroom. Plus, partnerships with organizations such as NASA and U.S. Department of Agriculture allow students to expand their learning opportunities and experiences.

Students interested in concurrent enrollment can visit www.redlandscc.edu/index.php/concurrent-enrollment to read more information and begin the admission and enrollment process. Graham is also available to answer questions and provide assistance at admissions@redlandscc.edu.