No Tuition Increase for 6th Consecutive Year

In consideration of the current economic situation, the Redlands Community College Board of Regents voted to support the administration’s recommendation to not increase tuition for a sixth consecutive year.

“Many families have been struggling, and we want to help them stay on track toward that college degree or career,” said Janie Thompson, chairman of the Redlands Board of Regents. “Because our administration has been fiscally conservative, we have been able to make adjustments so that our students’ educational experience is not negatively affected.”

In addition to holding tuition flat, the college has worked diligently to identify free or lower-cost learning resources. Many of the general education courses use Open Educational Resources, and the school’s virtual bookstore provides the option of renting or purchasing textbooks new, used or in eBook format, saving students anywhere from 25% to 80%. This online service allows students to select the options that work best for them. 

Financial aid is also still available to new and returning students. All students can apply for a tuition waiver, which range from $250 to $1,000. Students can apply year-round for tuition waivers, and selection is based on availability of funds. The application is online at

“We are always looking at ways to enrich our students’ learning experience and help remove potential obstacles, and cost is a major obstacle,” said Redlands President Jena Marr. “I’m thankful our board has chosen to keep our tuition the same, and I’m grateful for their support as we work to meet the needs of our students and our workforce.”