Student Food Pantry Provides Fresh Milk Thanks to Dairy MAX Donation

President Bryant cuts the ribbon unveiling the new cooler donated to the student food pantry.When the Redlands Community College Student Food Pantry opened a few years ago, it was the goal of Service Learning Director Marcia Shottenkirk to eventually offer fresh foods, milk and other refrigerated items.

Now the college has added a custom-built cooler generously donated by Dairy MAX.

“The Food Pantry has been such a wonderful resource for students, but we’re excited to add this new option for them,” Shottenkirk said. “It’s so easy for our students to develop unhealthy eating habits in college, so by providing milk and a wider range of options we can help them make healthier choices.”

Dairy is a vital part of a well-balanced diet, and everyone, including college students, deserve easy access to milk and other dairy products. The program to provide commercial coolers to pantries on college campuses was created by Dairy MAX and serves schools within their eight-state region. These large coolers are filled with fresh dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt to ensure every student on campus has access to nutritious foods.

“As a dairy farmer and mother of four, I know the importance of milk in the diets of people of all ages, and how nutrient-rich foods like milk can help students nourish their bodies and their minds,” said Angie Meyer, local dairy farmer from Okarche. “As the mom of a Redlands Community College alum, I am very excited about this opportunity for their students to have access to milk, which is a highly requested food in pantries but many times least available.”

Meyer joined Redlands President Jack Bryant to unveil the new cooler just in time for the beginning of the Fall semester. Students must provide their student ID to get items from the Food Pantry. During the Fall semester, the Food Pantry is accessible Monday through Thursday.

“We appreciate that support of businesses and individuals as we continue to meet the needs of our students,” Bryant added. “Dairy MAX has provided a wonderful opportunity for our Food Pantry by allowing us to expand the offerings to students.”