Payment and Refund Options

There are several different ways that you may pay your account. You can pay online or choose a College Green Payment Plan using the Self-Service platform in the Go Redlands student portal. To use the payment plan, you must first set up your refund preference. You can also pay in person or mail in your payment to the Business Office. 

Payment or payment arrangements are required by the Fee Due Date. The Fee Due Date is the last day of the Add/Drop period for each semester. Add/Drop dates are listed in the academic calendar.

Payment Info: 75% of balance due one month prior to last day of the semester and 100% due by end of semester. If balances are not paid by the due dates, a $50 late fee will be applied. 

If you do not pay your balance in full or enroll in the College Green Payment Plan by the due date, you will be automatically set up on the In-House Payment Plan, which will incur finance charges and late payment fees until the balance is paid. 

Accounts not paid in a timely manner will be subjected to Collection Action and will accrue additional fees. 

College Green Payment Plan*

Students may choose to make monthly payments on their account balance by enrolling in the College Green Payment Plan.  There is a one-time enrollment charge of $30. There will be a 2.75% convenience fee each time a payment is made using a debit or credit card.  There will be no convenience fee if using a checking account. Monthly payments through the College Green Payment Plan will not include any additional finance charges on the outstanding balance as long as the account remains in good standing. The College Green Payment Plan will charge the student’s bank account and/or credit or debit card on the date the student chose.

NOTE: A late payment charge of $30 will be assessed to any payment not collected by the date the student chose. An additional attempt to collect the payment will then be made on the 5th day after a decline. If the second attempt is also declined, additional finance and late payment charges may be assessed by the College until the account is paid in full (see In-House College Payment Plan below).

*Students choosing to pay tuition and fees on a College Green Payment Plan are required to comply with the payment schedule in order to enroll, or remain enrolled, in any future semesters.

In-House College Payment Plan **

Students who do not pay their account balance in full by the Fee Due Date or set up a satisfactory payment arrangement through the College Green Payment Plan by the Fee Due Date or who default on their College Green Payment plan agreement will be automatically set up on the In-House College Payment Plan. An initial finance charge of $50 will be assessed at the time the In-House College Payment Plan is initiated for that student.

Payment in full will be required by the last day of the current semester. Accounts not paid in full before the end of the semester may have up to $150 in late fees applied to the balance and may be turned over to collections. Redlands Community College participates in the Oklahoma Tax Commission Warrant Intercept program, which deducts past due balances from tax refund checks.

**Students who are paying through the In-House College Payment Plan are required to pay their bill in full in order to enroll, or remain enrolled, in any future semesters.

Refund Preference

Follow these steps to set up your refund preference:

  1. Log into the Self-Service through Go Redlands.
  2. Click on the "Financial Information" bank icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select "Student Finance."
  4. Select "Payments and Refunds."
  5. Select "Pay NOW" to make a one-time payment, “Payment Plan Enrollment” to sign up for a payment plan, or “Student Refund Account Choice” to enter your bank information for a direct deposit refund. 
When will I get my Financial Aid refund?

The Business Office does not have a set refund date. Refunds are only available AFTER Financial Aid has completed the transmittal process. Most accurate and up to date information is available on your Self-Service. Once a refund has been issued, you will see it under the “Refunds” tab. You will have a Voucher listed with the amount of your refund. The pay method will always say “check” even if you have selected direct deposit. If a check is to be printed, you will be notified via student email once it is ready. Please keep in mind that the pay date is the day the wire goes out. We use Herring Bank to process your direct deposit and they do advise that refunds can take anywhere from 5-7 business days to show up in your account.

Contractual Agreement with Herring Bank 

Herring Bank Student Accountholder Cost Disclosure 

Refund Options

As a Redlands student, you can easily setup an automated Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to a bank account of your choice. Simply log into Go Redlands to access the Self-Service student portal.

Touch Net Payment Center example

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