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Redlands Academic Team Four Time State Champions

Redlands Academic A Team swept the state championship competition for the fourth year in a row and the Redlands Academic B Team finished third overall.

“I am very proud of these students. We have really focused on skills that apply to competition and to becoming successful individuals. For example, we have concentrated on the importance of accepting past struggles and focusing on future success,” said Team Coach Cherry Rain, Professor of Political Science and English. “These students are winning state championships and gaining confidence which they are applying to becoming leaders in our community.”

Students on the Redlands Championship team included: Dylan Olson, Mustang; Sam Coffman, Kingfisher; Wolfgang Hasbell, Mustang; Emily Platt, El Reno. The third place Redlands B team included: Dustin Davis, Mustang; Samuel Dicke, El Reno; Rowan Rain, Mustang; Kinzie Throneberry, Calumet; Thomas Van Gundy, El Reno.

“We are proud to be attracting the top talent in Canadian and Kingfisher Counties to compete on the Redlands Academic Team,” said President Jack Bryant. “The Students on the academic team can earn their associate degrees in their home community and then receive incredible scholarship offers from major four-year universities. We have alumni at Oklahoma State University, University of Central Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Oklahoma Christian University.”

The students will be traveling to the national competition on Feb. 27 – 28, 2015 in Atlanta Georgia to represent Oklahoma in the Community College Championship Tournament. You can keep up to date with the Redlands Academic Team by checking out

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