Trotter-Gamble Endowed Scholarship

The Trotter-Gambel Endowed Scholarship was established in 1993 by Mr. and Mrs. Burrel Gambel of Chickasha. Recognizing the increasing need for a college education and the number of adult women pursuing a college education, the purpose of this scholarship is to assist those women who continue to balance family responsibilities and , oftentimes, full-time employment while continuing their education at Redlands Community College.

The following guidelines have been established to qualify for the Trotter-Gamble Endowed Scholarship:

  • Must be an adult female at least 25 years of age and employed full-time.
  • Must submit, with the application, a copy of high school and/or college transcript verifying highest level of education completed.
  • Must submit a letter addressed to the selection committee explaining the importance of the scholarship to the applicant.
  • Past academic performance and financial need will be a selection criterion.
  • Must attend Redlands Community College and enroll in a minimum of nine (9) credit hours; such enrollment being completed by June 1 immediately following selection.
  • Funding for the Trotter-Gambel Endowed Scholarship shall be paid only from accumulated interest on the endowment and may vary annually depending upon the availability of funds.
  • Must apply scholarship funds toward tuition, fees and books only.
  • Must claim and use the scholarship award in the academic year (excluding the summer term) immediately following selection; one-half of the award to be applied to fall semester expenses and one-half to spring semester expenses.
  • Any unused portion of the scholarship funds after authorized expenses are paid will be returned to the Trotter-Gambel Endowed Scholarship Fund in care of the Redlands Community College Foundation, Inc.
  • Student may receive scholarship more than once providing eligibility criteria are met at each application.
  • Selection of the recipient shall be the responsibility of the Redlands Community College Foundation Board of Directors or its designee.
  • Application Deadline:  March 1