High School Juniors Eligible for Tuition Waivers

For several years, high school juniors have been able to take college courses through Redlands Community College’s concurrent enrollment program, but they have been responsible for the full cost of the program while seniors have been able to receive tuition waivers to offset the cost.

Now qualified high school juniors can receive tuition waivers for up to nine credit hours taken during the Fall or Spring semester of their junior year. Like senior concurrent students, juniors will only be required to pay the fees associated with their classes, plus the cost of books.

“For a traditional college student, typically, the cost of taking nine credit hours is approximately $1625, so this is a wonderful, cost-saving opportunity for our area high school students,” said Amy Graham, Director of Community and High School Relations. “An added benefit for high school students who take concurrent classes is that they are able to experience the challenges of college courses before they become full-time college students.”

Students who take full advantage of the concurrent enrollment program can graduate high school with 27 credit hours, which is three credit hours short of being classified as a sophomore. Since these students receive tuition waivers for concurrent courses, they earn college credit at a fraction of the cost.

“It is exciting to be able to offer tuition waivers to high school juniors,” said Redlands President Jack Bryant. “At Redlands, we try to keep our tuition as affordable as possible so a college degree is attainable, but the concurrent program is one more way we can provide our surrounding communities with easier access to college courses.”

For more information about concurrent enrollment, please contact the Admissions and Advising Office at 405-422-1417 or Admissions@Redlandscc.edu.