Enterprise Development Associate in Art

General Requirements: Total Hours: 60 • Minimum GPA: 2.0
Program Description: This program is designed for working adults who have already earned at least 18 hours of college credit and want to finish an Associate degree.  Other requirements include student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA from previous college credits, have completed any required remedial courses with a “C” grade or better, and the final 18 semester hours must be earned at an Oklahoma two-year college accredited by NCAHLC.

General Education Requirements:    37 hours
Area Min. Hours Course Code Course Description
Communications 6 ENGL 1113 English Composition I
    ENGL 1213 English Composition II
    SPCH    1113 Fundamentals of Speech
Political Sciences 6 HIST 1483 or HIST 1493 U.S. HIST to 1877 or U.S. HIST 1877-Pres
    POLS    1113 U.S. Government 
Mathematics 3 MATH     1303 Quantitative Reasoning
    MATH    1483 Functions and Modeling
    MATH     1513 College Algebra
    MATH     2193 Elementary Statistics
Life Sciences* 3-4 BISC     1113 Biological Concepts
    BISC     1114 Biology with Lab
    BOT    1114 Botany with Lab
    MICR     2134 Intro to Microbiology with Lab
    ZOOL     2134 Anatomy with Lab
    ZOOL     2144 Physiology with Lab
Physical Sciences* 3-4 CHEM     1215 Chemistry I with Lab
    CHEM     1315 General Chemistry I with Lab
    GEOL     1053 Earth Science
    GEOL     1054 Physical Geology with Lab
    PHSC     1114 Physical Science with Lab
    PHYS    1115 Physics I with Lab
Humanities 6 See humanities course options
Social Sciences, Technology and Language 6 PSY     1113 Elements of Psychology
    SOC     1113 Introduction to Sociology
    CMSC     1223 Business Application Software
    SPA    1053 Conversational Spanish I
*One course from either life science or physical science must include a Lab.
Program Core Requirement:   23 hours
Select one option from:  (Requirements for each option listed below.)
Business Administration      
General Studies      
Business Administration Option:   23 hours      
Accounting I (Financial) 3 ACCT 2173 Financial Accounting
Accounting II (Managerial) 3 ACCT 2183 Managerial Accounting
Macroeconomics 3 ECON    2193 Principles of Macroeconomics
Microeconomics 3 ECON    2203 Principles of Microeconomics
Marketing 3 MRKT    2323 Principles of Marketing
Business Statistics 3 BUS    2513 Business Statistics
Business Internship 3 MGMT    2103 Occupational/Technical Internship
Capstone Seminar 2 MGMT    2002 Career Education Seminar
General Studies Option:   23 hours  
Courses determined by student’s field of interest from college offerings.