Students Attend Higher Ed Day at the Capitol

Redlands students visit the capitolFrom concurrent enrollment classes and Oklahoma’s Promise to the enhancement of STEM degree programs, Redlands Community College students see and appreciate the value of Oklahoma’s investment in higher education. Several of these students recently travelled to the Capitol for Higher Education Day to meet with legislators and advocate for continued legislative support for Oklahoma’s colleges and universities.

“Higher Education Day at the Capitol is a special event, and we were excited to take a group of bright, engaged students to meet with their legislators,” said Redlands President Jack Bryant.

The students spent the morning visiting legislators and then joined Gov. Kevin Stitt for a photo with students from across the state. The afternoon was spent listening to state leaders and college students from each tier of higher education.

“Higher Ed Day was such an amazing experience! I have never been to our state's capitol until this day, and it was very cool to be able to see what all goes on,” said Merideth Behrens, a member of the Redlands Beef Team from Colbert. “I had the opportunity to visit with Sen. Roland Peterson not only about higher education but about agriculture as well. I am very grateful for this opportunity and am glad I got to be a part of such an amazing experience.”

Redlands students who visited the capitol represent the variety of students who attend the two-year college, including first-generation college students, student-athletes, and agriculture and nursing students.

“Redlands is home to students with varying backgrounds and interests,” said Bryant. “We appreciate the opportunity to share their stories with legislators so that when they are considering legislation that impacts higher education programs and services, they will have a better understanding of who these students are.”