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Developmental Math

Students enrolling at Redlands Community College who have not taken the ACT or students who score less than 19 in the math subject area of the ACT are required to take a placement test prior to enrollment. The placement test is given in the Testing Center.

The placement test is a computerized exam that measures a student's mathematical abilities. Since mathematics is sequential learning, it is important for a student to begin his or her mathematical studies at the appropriate level.

Redlands offers three different developmental mathematics courses to help prepare students for college level mathematics courses:

Math 0103 General College Mathematics
This course presents fundamental operations on integers, decimals, and fractions. Also included are percentages, solving application problems involving proportions, and order of operations.

Math 0113 Basic Algebra
This course is the first step in the process of learning algebra. It is intended for those who are encountering algebra for the first time or for those whose original encounter with algebra was not positive. Topics included are real numbers, order of operations, the variable concept, algebraic expressions, linear equations, inequalities, graphing, polynomials and factoring.

Math 0123 Intermediate Algebra
This course presents a review of Basic Algebra topics and includes rational expressions and equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations and graphs, radical expressions and equations, and an introduction to functions.