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Faculty Association By-Laws

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Redlands Community College Faculty Association.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this Association shall be:

  1. To promote the welfare and involvement of Faculty Association members through participation in institutional democratic governance.
  2. To promote professional growth of the Faculty Association members and recognition of this growth throughout the institution.
  3. To promote communications among the faculty, administration, Board of Regents, students and other groups having to do with the welfare of the College.

Article III: Membership

The membership of the Association shall consist of faculty and other professional personnel excluding professional staff who supervise faculty and support personnel. Membership is voluntary upon payment of annual dues assessed by the Association. Payment of dues is required in order to be considered in good standing with the Association.

Article IV: Executive Committee

  1. Section 1.      There shall be five (5) members of the Executive Committee: President, President-Elect, the previous President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All members of the Executive Committee must attend Association meetings.
  2. Section 2.      Only members of the Association employed on a full-time basis shall be eligible for election to the offices of President and President-Elect. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer are available to full-time and adjunct faculty members.
  3. Section 3.      President of the Association:
    1. Shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
    2. Shall be ex officio member of all standing committees.
    3. Shall ensure that regular meetings of the Association are held.
    4. Shall call additional meetings when he/she deems it proper or when they are required by other provisions of the constitution, and ensure along with the secretary that membership is adequately informed as to the time and place of each meeting.
    5. Shall be responsible for establishing the agenda and determining the order of business at each meeting.
    6. Shall serve as a liaison between the Association and the Administration.
    7. Shall represent or delegate another member of the Executive Committee to represent the Association at meetings of the Board of Regents.
    8. Shall appoint two members of the Executive Committee (including possibly him or herself) to represent the Association in the Instructional Council.
    9. Shall appoint the Higher Education Faculty Association representative.
    10. Shall perform other duties necessitated by his/her office.
    11. Shall regularly meet with the Vice President of Academic Affairs along with at least one other member of the Executive Committee
  4. Section 4.      President-Elect of the Association:
    1. Shall act as President in the absence of the President.
    2. Shall assume the office of the President in the following year if so recommended by the Nominations Committee and confirmed by a proper vote of the Association.
    3. Shall become President of the Association if the President should leave during the year.
    4. Shall serve as the person in charge of remembrances for the Association.
    5. Shall represent the Association in the President’s Leadership Council.
    6. Shall perform other duties necessitated by his/her office.
  5. Section 5.      Secretary of the Association:
    1. Shall maintain a permanent record of the adopted proceedings of each meeting of the Association.
    2. Shall distribute copies of the minutes of the previous Association meetings to each member of the Association two days before each meeting; also, a copy of the minutes to the President of the College.
    3. Shall serve on the committee responsible for updating the Faculty Handbook, and shall be the person responsible for maintaining the document on the Redlands website.
    4. Shall perform other duties necessitated by his/her office.
  6. Section 6.      Treasurer of the Association:
    1. Shall maintain a permanent record of the financial transactions of the Association.
    2. Shall provide a financial statement at each monthly Faculty Association meeting, and shall open these records upon request of an outside auditor.
    3. Shall maintain a list of Faculty Association Committee Members and share this list with the Provost.
    4. Shall maintain a list of members in good standing, and share this list with the Secretary and President of the Association.
    5. Shall perform other duties necessitated by his/her office.
  7. Section 7.      Previous President:
    1. Shall advise the current President and Executive Committee as needed.

Article V: Elections

The procedure for all elections to fill all elective positions of the Association shall be as follows:

  1. Section 1.      During the month of March each year, the Executive Committee will compile a list of members intending to fill a vacating position on this committee.
  2. Section 2.      The Executive Committee will present a slate of candidates for office at the April meeting of the Association.
  3. Section 3.      Nominations of candidates for any elective office may be accepted from the floor at the April meeting.
  4. Section 4.      The Executive Committee members will be elected by a majority of the votes cast by secret ballot, and absentee ballots shall be considered valid for a period not to exceed two (2) school days after the date of the election.
  5. Section 5.      The President of the Association will appoint an Election Committee from members not slated for election at the April meeting to count the ballots and certify the election results. This certification will be signed by each member of the Election Committee and shall be sent to the President of the Association by that committee within one week after the election is held. The ballots will be shredded by the Election Committee after the certification process is complete.
  6. Section 6.      If any Association Executive Committee member leaves during the term of office a special Nominations Committee will be appointed by the President. The Committee will consist of a chairperson and at least three (3) additional members. The Nominations Committee will present a candidate(s) for the vacant office(s) as soon as possible. The election procedure as set forth in the Constitution will be followed except for the time limitations.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. Section 1.      Regular Meetings of the Association: Regular meetings of the Association will be held during the academic year as announced by the President. The agenda for regular meetings will be prepared by the President and distributed at least two (2) school days prior to all regular meetings of the Association. Matters not included on the prepared agenda will not come before the meeting until all agenda items have been disposed of, at which time the new business may be proposed for consideration.
  2. Section 2.      Special Meetings of the Association: The President may call a special meeting at his/her discretion. Written notice of special meetings will be given to all members of the Association at least two (2) regular school days prior to the meetings and will contain a general statement of the business to be brought before such meetings unless unavoidable.
  3. Section 3.      Conduct of Meetings: Except as otherwise provided, Robert's Rules of Order will govern the conduct of all meetings.
  4. Section 4.      Closed Meetings: Any of the five (5) Executive Committee members may call a closed meeting.

Article VII: Committees

  1. Section 1.      Appointments on Committees: The Faculty Association Executive Committee will recommend to the Association the creation and appointment of Faculty Association Committees and the appointment of Association members to standing Institutional Committees where requested.
  2. Section 2.      Standing Committees: The Association will maintain committees as needed in accordance with the purpose of the Faculty Association.
  3. Section 3.      Faculty Association Committees: Faculty Association committees will be responsible to the Association.
  4. Section 4.      Goals and responsibilities of each committee shall be published on the Faculty Association website at the start of each academic year.
  5. Section 5.      Results of Faculty Association committee work must be brought back to the membership for consideration and approval before being relayed to the college administration.
  6. Section 6.      The Faculty Association president, or a member of the Executive Committee appointed by the president, will submit all committee work to administration for approval.

Article VIII: Voting Procedure

  1. Section 1.      All members in good standing are eligible to vote on all matters brought before the Association.
  2. Section 2.      If Previous Notice of Motion is sent out via email, and membership has had adequate opportunity to supply comments on the motion before the next meeting of the membership, the motion under consideration must be voted on by the members attending, and may not be laid on the table.

Article IX: Procedure for Amendments

  1. Section 1.      Proposal of Amendments: Proposed amendments of this Constitution may be initiated upon written petition of at least 25 percent of the Association and may be presented at any regularly scheduled Association meeting.
  2. Section 2.      Ratification of Amendments:
    1. Upon receipt of a proposed amendment in writing, the Association shall call for a special election to be held by written, secret ballot.
    2. Written notice of a proposed amendment shall be distributed to the members of the Association at least five (5) school days prior to the election.
    3. The proposed amendment shall pass if it is approved by two-thirds of voting members in good standing, provided that at least 60 percent of the Association members in good standing have voted. Absentee ballots will be considered valid for a period not to exceed two (2) school days after the date of the election.