Austin Family Scholarship

The Austin Family Endowed Scholarship provides up to 5 scholarships each year to Redlands students.

The scholarship is available for up to two years at Redlands Community College and transferrable to an in-state four-year college or university for another two years. The recipient must graduate from Redlands prior to transferring and must transfer to an in-state public college or university. The recipient will submit documentation each scholarship cycle demonstrating the student’s good standing.

For transfer recipients, the scholarship monies will be sent directly to the recipient’s chosen college or university; up to one-half of the funds to be used for fall term expenses and one-half to be used for spring term expenses. No portion of the scholarship funds shall be dispersed directly to the recipient.


  • Must enroll full time or part time at Redlands Community College. 
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must have accumulated a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or achieved a composite score of 17 on the ACT.
  • Must submit, with the application, a copy of high school and/or college transcript verifying GPA and ACT score.
  • Preference will be given to graduates of Calumet, Geary, Hinton, and Okarche high schools, and residents of western Canadian County.
  • Must claim and use the scholarship award in the academic year (excluding the summer term) immediately following selection, one-half of the award to be applied to fall semester expenses and one-half to be applied to spring semester expenses.
  • Must apply scholarship funds toward books, tuition, fees and other college-related expenses payable through the Redlands Community College Business Office or the chosen transfer in-state college or university.