Cathy "Mac" Kennedy Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is to recognize Cathi “Mac” Kennedy as a special teacher who is dedicated to her students. “Mac” accomplishes this through her ability to make learning a fun experience. The praise she bestows upon her students makes it possible for students to want to do their best. This scholarship was established by Bob and Peggy Brantley, in memory of their daughter, Casey Dell, to honor Cathi “Mac” Kennedy for her positive influence in Casey’s educational experience.

The following guidelines have been established to qualify for the
Cathy "Mac" Kennedy Endowed Scholarship:

  • Must be a graduate of Calumet High School, with a desire to return to higher education in pursuit of a college degree.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who indicate an interest in pursuing a health related or legal profession.
  • Must provide evidence of part-time employment and/or an active role in a community activity or service.
  • Must provide a written recommendation from students employer, educator or community leader.
  • Must have accumulated a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or achieved a composite score of 17 on the ACT.
  • Must submit, with application, a copy of high school and/or college transcript verifying GPA and ACT score.
  • During the term of the award, recipient must enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours each semester.
  • Must claim and use the scholarship award in the academic year (excluding summer term) immediately following selection, one-half of the award to be applied to fall semester expenses and one-half to be applied to spring semester expenses. Award may be used for the summer semester if needed.
  • Scholarship funds must be applied toward books, tuition, fees, and other college-related expenses.
  • Any unused portion of the scholarship funds, after authorized expenses are paid, will be returned to the Cathi “Mac” Kennedy Endowed Scholarship Fund in care of the Redlands Community College Foundation, Inc.
  • This scholarship is funded on an annual basis. Funding is contingent upon availability of funds.
  • Consideration will be given to successful Casey Brantley Memorial EndowedScholarship recipients who demonstrate an ability to succeed in the classroom and want to continue their education at Redlands Community College or those recipients graduating from Redlands Community College and transferring to an accredited four-year institution. All applicants must reapply.
  • Application Deadline:  March 1