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At Redlands Community College we want to help you succeed, and part of your success as a college student depends on enrolling in courses that match your abilities and skills. Course placement testing prior to enrollment may be required for students who do not meet required entry-level skills or prerequisites for college-level English and/or mathematics courses.

Redlands Community College uses ACCUPLACER®, a computerized assessment tool that identifies a student’s English, arithmetic and algebraic skills. Our assessment is only open to students who have submitted their application and intend to enroll at Redlands Community College

Placement test results also play a large role in determining both the level and number of required courses. It is important that you do your best. You are encouraged to use the review materials listed below to refresh your knowledge and to become familiar with the Accuplacer question format.

Do You Need To Test?

  • If you have completed the ACT or SAT you may be able to waive placement testing and receive levels based on your score.
  • If you have previously attended college or have AP or CLEP scores, visit with your Redlands Advisor to determine if you can waive the tests.

Check the links to the side to see additional information on math and reading/writing assessment tests, as well as frequently asked questions about the Accuplacer assessment test.

Test Information

Reading & Writing Assessment

Mathematics Assessment

Accuplacer Frequently Asked Questions