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NASNTI Part F Grant

The Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (NASNTI), Part F, Grant at Redlands Community College includes two major components: the All Nations Business Institute (ANBI) and the All Nations Student Symposium (ANSS). The ANBI offers a wide range of services to Native American and other underserved students to help them succeed in their pursuit of an AA degree in Business Administration or an AAS degree in Business Administration Technology. The ANSS offers a cohort group of Native American and other underserved students the opportunity to participate in multiple activities designed to create better students at Redlands and better citizens in communities.

Program Highlights

  • Peer mentoring of students
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities for students
  • Native American Student Organization
  • Campus services referrals
  • Community services referrals
  • Advisement for Native American students and business majors
  • All-Nations Student Symposium (ANSS)
  • Computer lab with specialized business software
  • Peer and professional tutoring in business-related and general education courses
  • Faculty mentors with a special focus in the business field
  • Training opportunities for faculty to enhance content, technology, and cultural knowledge
  • Collaborative tools aiding in identification of students who need specialized assistance

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