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The 2008 camp was rated one of the top exposure camps in the country, click here for details.  Last year's event brought players from all over the country and brought coaches from as far away as Canada, Jamaica, Africa, and London.  The top recruiting services in the United States were in attendance.
The 2009 event is expected to be even better than last year.

Eligiliblity is limited to current high school seniors and current junior college players.
Read below to see accomplishments of some of the 2008 participants.

Marvin Roberts, CO-MVP 2008 Camp,led the NJCAA in scoring.

Kavon Lytch, first team All-American Nominee, was rated one of the top players in the country.

Hamilton Nash was top 5 in NJCAA in rebounding and blocks

Antoine Watson, top 10 scorer, lead NJCAA in three point shooting and steals.

Jeremy Lay is widely recognized as one of the top 10 point guards in the NJCAA

Andrew Cunningham has been top five in assists the last two NJCAA seasons.

AJ Wilson, CO-MVP of 2008 Camp, was rated as one of the top NJCAA players.

If You Want to Go Division I, This is the Camp for You!!!

Girls Camp - July 5-8                 Men's Camp - July 13-15

For more details download our brochure, click here!

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Deadline for $100 Reserve Payment is June 5th

ONLY the top 200 applicants may attend.

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