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Tutor Job Description

Tutors report directly to the Assessment and Assistance Coordinator.  They also work closely with students and instructors.  Tutors generally work with one student at a time, but may work with a small group.

Required Qualifications

  • Enrolled in Redlands Community College
  • Overall GPA - 3.0 or greater.  Must have passed the pertinent class with an A or B
  • Referral from course instructor
  • Good communication skills

General Duties & Expectations

Tutors must:

  • Be on time for all tutoring sessions.
  • Be patient, positive, and friendly with the student
  • Be enthusiastic in helping the student
  • Be a good listener
  • Develop, with the student, a guideline for efficient use of tutoring time
  • Advise the Coordinator of any problems that arise.
  • Maintain accurate time sheets
  • Attend all meetings for tutors