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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I take advantage of the college credit option in my technology center courses?
You must complete and submit all required Redlands admission forms and be co-enrolled at the time your are completing courses in your technology center program to earn college credit. Although you are attending the technology center and completing courses, you MUST be admitted to the college before you have the option to earn the college credit associated with your program. If you are not admitted to Redlands, you are not earning college credit even if you complete the courses at the technology center. Admission to the technology center and admission to Redlands are two separate processes.

What does it mean to be a co-enrolled student?
Co-enrollment means that you are taking a college level course and you are earning college credit for the course. When you are co-enrolled you are a student of Redlands and a student of the technology center. In addition to earning college credit, co-enrollment allows you to obtain an Redlands identification card, use the college swimming pool, computer labs, library and receive discounts at various businesses (ex: movie theatres) because of your college student status. Basically, the many benefits Redlands students receive, are the same benefits extended to co-enrolled students.

How is my credit from the Technology Center transcribed?
As you co-enroll, your courses post to an Redlands transcript with a final grade. The courses are listed as Redlands courses, not as courses taken at the Technology Center.

I’m finished taking courses at the Technology Center. What’s the next step?
Now that you are finished with your Technology Center courses, you can focus on taking the general education courses at Redlands. The first thing you should do is go to the Cooperative Alliance Programs Office to obtain degree requirements and advising. Once you have received the information you need to complete your degree, register for classes and you’re well on your way!

I’m finished with my courses at the Technology Center and I’m almost finished with my courses at Redlands. What do I need to do in order to graduate with an Associate in Applied Science degree?
If you know that you will be finishing your general education requirements soon and have taken all of the courses you need at the Technology Center, then you are eligible to apply for Graduation. The process is simple: At the beginning of the semester prior to graduation, come to the Office of Cooperative Alliance Programs and ask for a graduation application. Fill out the application and turn it in to the Office of Cooperative Alliance Programs. Within the next couple of weeks you will receive a letter stating which courses you need to complete in order to graduate. It is important that you begin this process a semester ahead of time, so if you have miscalculated the number of courses needed to graduate, you can pick up the appropriate number of credit hours and graduate as planned.


If you are a technology instructor and you need specific information about an existing program, grading, or other guidelines, please contactCooperative and Off-Campus Programs Coordinator