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Criminal Justice

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Redlands Community College offers a variety of Criminal Justice degree programs of diverse disciplines. A top priority of our Criminal Justice department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in the quickly expanding fields of law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and homeland security.

Regardless of your career path, our department offers a program of study that will prepare you to meet the challenges facing professionals of today and tomorrow. Courses are transferable to a four-year university, or can be geared toward students completing a two-year degree and entering the workforce or increasing opportunities for promotion.

We are able to draw on a staff of experts, as well as a state and national network that extends professional assistance to corrections, law enforcement, and juvenile justice agencies. Our staff offers expertise provided through services of meeting facilitation, conferencing, computer training, consultation, consultation contract training, and special projects.


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"I have tried different degree programs, nothing has been better for my career than Redlands Community College. the Criminal Justice degree program at Redlands has helped me advance my career and build my foundations for better positions within the Department of Corrections".

Kerry Minyard,
Oklahoma Department of Corrections

"I've been in law enforcement for over 25 years now and so I was skeptical as to whether or not there would be any challenge in this course for me besides the work. However, I have found it to be quite the opposite. I'm learning things that I'm actually bringing back to work, so thank you!"

Kathleen O'Connar,
Deputy Chief,
Patrol Division,
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department