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Cultural Activity

Cultural Events

  • Regardless of where Redlands' students originate from, many have not had the opportunity to experience the vast culture that embodies Oklahoma, so TRiO's Student Support Services - SSS participants have access to cultural events we attend to help broaden their horizons.
  • Cultural Events include trips to museums, live art events, festivals, and even places of employment interest.
  • Cultural events are solely volunteer activities and can occur in many different ways. Large group events are less frequent, only happening once or twice in an academic year. Individual or small group events are more frequent, and work especially well with college tours for our participants who will be transferring to continue their academic career.
  • Although the area has many available opportunities for us to explore, we always appreciate your input and recommendations, so feel free to contact us with your thoughts.
  • Cultural Events occur on campus in the Redlands Art Gallery.

For more information or ideas about cultural events, contact Student Support Services.