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Redlands Fast Facts

Redlands Fast Facts

The Redlands Veterans Upward Bound program helps veterans navigate their way from active duty military to the classroom. More than 300 veterans have received tutoring and advising services.

Redlands is home to the four time State Champion Academic Team. Team members are from Canadian and Kingfisher Counties. Next, the team will compete at the National Tournament in Atlanta.

In January, Redlands hosted the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Congressman Frank Lucas to celebrate the one year anniversary of the farm bill. Leaders in agriculture, government, and education had the opportunity to discuss policy changes.

NASA EPSCoR grant-funded “Redlands Mission to Mars” project is test piloting inquiry-based learning projects in Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology. Project UR NASA includes top STEM students. Total funding is $536,000 and funds scholarships, internships, housing, travel, mentorship and undergraduate research programming.

The Livestock Judging team has repeatedly excelled in the national tournament circuit. The team has been among the most successful in the nation and has produced multiple All-Americans award winners.

Redlands Community College Foundation works with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to create charitable funds that support student scholarships. Redlands Foundation has 38 endowed scholarships with OCCF and has earned $161,444 in cumulative distribution. The Redlands Foundation has $808,000 in principal and annually awards 56 scholarships worth a total of $35,000.

Redlands’ Epsilon Sigma Alpha Chapter, Epsilon Rho, is the first hybrid service organization in the nation to include both college and community partners. The ESA – ER literacy drive kicks off Feb. 16.

The Redlands All Nations Business Institute funded by the Department of Education Native American Serving Non-tribal Institutions grant developed an innovative Living Learning Community. Students represent six Oklahoma Tribes.

Redlands collaborates with Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board through an innovative on-campus internship program.

The 9th Annual El Reno Masonic Lodge and Redlands Community College Aggie Club Calf Fry raised $10,000 for Scholarships.

Redlands Community College’s All Nations Business Institute recently collaborated with the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board through an innovative on-campus internship program.

Redlands Community College’s Agricultural Education Centers partnering with the USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub and Natural Resources Conservation Service will provide the region’s farmers and ranchers tools needed to deal with extreme weather events.

Redlands will be piloting new service-learning programming in spring 2015 beginning with English Comp. II taught at Mustang High School.

Redlands in partnership with South Devon College, Paignton U.K. has developed international experiences in the areas of Business, Science, Health Care and Tourism. In May, students will spend a week in England and gain hands-on international experiences.