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El Reno Masonic Lodge #50 and Redlands Community College Aggie Club raise money for scholarship fund

El Reno, Okla. – The 9th Annual El Reno Masonic Lodge and Redlands Community College Aggie Club Calf Fry raised $10,000 for Scholarships. The club raised $5,000 during the meal and live auction and the funds were matched by The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma.

The Masons presented the fundraiser check to President Jack Bryant on Jan. 21. Masons in attendance included Secretary of El Reno Lodge #50 Melvin Payton, Senior Warden of the Lodge Robert Ellison and Junior Steward of the Lodge Jerry Ervin.

“The local Masonic lodge has been an outstanding partner in the first 9 years of this incredibly successful scholarship program,” expressed Redlands President Jack Bryant. “Our students, faculty, staff and Board of Regents appreciate the hard work of the amazing team who has exceled in nearly a decade of philanthropy on behalf of Redlands agriculture students.”

Redlands Aggie Club co-sponsors, Ed Zweiacher and April Bow were responsible for organizing the Calf Fry and encouraging the students to seek auction items for donation.

Royse Ranch Manager and Founder of Redlands Aggie Club, Ed Zweiacher said, "This is a wonderful partnership and has been for several years. The Masons are good men and the Aggie Club members are good students. The organizations benefit each other in many ways and do a lot of good for the community. I am proud to be a part of both organizations."

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