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El Reno Rotary Club hosts international visitor as part of Redlands global initiative

Adele Dawson, a senior administrator from South Devon College in England, was the featured speaker at the January Rotary meeting. Dawson’s presentation included an overview of the international education opportunities for Oklahoma and U.K. students. Dawson has been working with administrators at Redlands Community College to develop international experiences. The focus of the international exchange will be in the areas of Business, Science, Health Care and Tourism.

According to Dawson, “I appreciated the opportunity to visit with Oklahoma business leaders about our partnership. We will be placing students in internship and job shadowing experiences. Individuals interested in participating in the program, should contact Dr. Amanda Evert at Redlands Community College. ”

Dawson’s itinerary while in El Reno included tours of Oklahoma businesses, meetings with Redlands faculty and staff, and events hosted by college students. Dawson met with leaders in El Reno City government as well as state and federal programs about the importance for investing in the development of globally educated citizens.

“Redlands is proud of the partnership we have established with South Devon College and we look forward to expanding that relationship,” expressed Jack Bryant, President of Redlands Community College. “This relationship provides an excellent venue for Redlands and South Devon students to enhance their learning experiences while gaining a better understanding of the world through exchange programs and classroom collaborations.”

Redlands staff will be working with businesses and foundations as well as supporting student fundraising to send students to South Devon College.

“South Devon College is a truly exceptional institution of higher education. They are innovators in the field and are creating dynamic learning programs that are breaking the mold of traditional educational systems. It would be a great benefit to our students, faculty and staff to have the opportunity to travel to the U.K. and experience first-hand the importance of global-diversity.”

To learn more about south Devon College please check out their website at

For more information, contact Amanda Evert, Associate Vice President for Communications and Research, 405.422.1445.