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Equestrian Team

In riding competitions, the terms equitation and horsemanship indicate that riders are being judged on their ability to control and show the horse while maintaining the correct riding position.

Intercollegiate riders have the added challenge of riding an unfamiliar horse that they draw in a lottery system just prior to their class. Riders must demonstrate the use of natural aids, or body signals from the seat, legs, hands and voice to communicate commands to the horse, all the while appearing comfortable, relaxed and balanced.

The signals should be subtle or imperceptible to the judge and the spectators and exaggerated shifting of the rider’s weight is not desirable. The resulting performance shown by the horse is not to be considered more important than the methods used by the rider in obtaining them.

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IHSA Zone 7, Region 2

National Championships......1

2010-11 Tournament Wins..2

Returning Riders ...............6

Newcomers .......................4

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