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The Redlands Community College Lady Cougars Golf team has a winning tradition. Our players win on and off the course. 

By the Numbers

2002...First year of golf at RCC
25......All-time tournament wins
12........NJCAA tournament appearances
4........National Championships

National Tournament Finishes

2013 Runner-Up
2012 National Champions


2010  Third Place 
2009  National Champions 
2008  National Champions 
2007  Runner-Up 
2006  National Champions 
2005  Third Place 
2004  Third Place 
2003  Third Place 

Region II Tournament Victories

2014 Champions
2013 Champions
2012 Champions 
2011 Champions 
2010  Champions 
2009  Champions 
2008  Champions 
2007  Champions 
2006  Champions 


Academic All-Americans

2014  Makenzi Wagner
2013  Madison Wolff
2012  Karson Bizzell
2012  Elcin Ulu
2011  Sarah Harper
2010  Brittany Beckett
2010  Kaitlin Higginbotham
2010  Academic Team of the Year
2008   Abby Allford
2006   Cami Trout
2005   Jennifer Aviles
2004   NJCAA Academic Team of the Year (3.55 GPA)
2003   NJCAA Academic Team of the Year (3.53 GPA)
         Courtney Adams
         Ashley Earles
         Kari Price (Distinguished All-American)


2013 Sarah Schober  1st Team 
2012 Sarah Schober 1st Team 
2009  Nicola Race  1st Team 
  Andrea Kaelin 1st Team 
  Kelly MacPhail  2nd Team 
  Emily Kwak  2nd Team 
  Kaitlin Higginbothham  Honorable Mention 
2008  Nicola Race  1st Team 
  Abby Allford  1st Team 
2007  Woori Shin  1st Team 
  Grace Jeong  1st Team 
2006  Woori Shin  1st Team 
  Camila Sola  1st Team 
  Grace Jeong  2nd Team 
  Brianna Vargus  2nd Team 
  Jaryn Rainey  2nd Team 
2005  Camila Sola  1st Team 
  Jacklynn Miller 2nd Team 
  Britney Subia  2nd Team 
  Jaryn Rainey  2nd Team 
2004  Mary Harvey  2nd Team 
  Megan Goodwin  2nd Team 
2003  Keelie Cates  2nd Team 
  Mary Harvey  Honorable Mention 
  Kari Price  Honorable Mention 

Where Our Players Transfer 

Abby Allford - -University of Tulsa
Jennifer Aviles -- Southwestern Oklahoma State University 
Keelie Cates -- Texas State University
Morgan Gay -- Oklahoma City University
Talli Gay -- Oklahoma City University
Megan Goodwin --University of Oklahoma
Mary Harvey -- Tarleton State University
Grace Jeong -- University of Nevada – Reno/Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
Jennifer Mann -- Oklahoma Baptist University
Tasha Marshal -- Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Jacklynn Miller -- Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Kari Price -- Southern Nazarene University
Jaryn Rainey -- Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Woori Shin -- Auburn University/University of Tulsa 
Camila Sola -- Arizona State University
Brianna Vargas -- University of Louisiana – Monroe
Nicola Race -- University of Missouri
Andrea Kaelin -- Florida State University 
Emily Kwak -- Towson State University 
Sarah Schober-- University of Florida
Elcin Ulu-- University of Florida
Karson Bizzell-- University of Missouri- Kansas City
Bethany Darrough-- University of Central Oklahoma
June Tigert-- University of Central Oklahoma
Jessica Schiele-- Oklahoma City University
Charter Lawson-- Northeastern State University
Taneka Sandiford-- Chicago State University
Makenzi Wagner-- Southwestern Oklahoma State University

If you are a former Cougar who signed to play with a four-year school and your name is not included on this list, please e-mail us at