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Jenny Sykora

Office Number: 405.422.6219
Office Location: ASC-221


Jenny completed her MS degree in physics at the University of Houston in 2008, writing a paper on how close physicists are to developing a theory of everything. At the same school in 2001, she received her BS in electrical engineering. She began teaching physics in August 2003; and, before coming to Redlands, she taught physics and engineering at Delta College near Saginaw, Michigan.

She earned a BA in psychology from Houston Baptist University in 1989; and she got her MLIS from the University of Texas in Austin in 1991, afterwards working as a public librarian for four years in Sugar Land, Texas. She is interested in furthering her education in physics, math and engineering as she grows as a professor. Her other interests include traveling, writing, music, nature photography, trekking, camping and Native American cultures and histories.

She visits West Sumatra, her husband’s montane tropical homeland in Indonesia, periodically. She lived there for ten months, and she speaks Indonesian. In Indonesia, she saw fresh tiger tracks, claw marks from sun bears, wild Komodo dragons, the world’s tallest flower and the world’s largest flower.

She enjoys living in El Reno and working at Redlands. She is interested in developing a pre-engineering program, and she hopes to eventually establish a two year program in machine intelligence.