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This course is a preparatory course for clinical practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant and for preparation for national certification examinations offered by various associations. Requirement for this certification course is state registration as a Registered Nurse. This course is developed specifically for preparatory education for registered nurses desiring to practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant. This course will prepare currently practicing Legal Nurse Consultants to take one or more of the various certification examinations in legal nurse consulting. It also provides practicing legal nurse consultants with a means to gain new knowledge and review past knowledge gained through experience and education. This certificate course also provides an excellent means to obtain an education credential in legal nurse consulting and meet continuing education requirements for re-certification as a legal nurse consultant.

This course is a comprehensive course and provides instruction/study on all of the major facets of legal nurse consulting, including business principles and practices. The text book used in the course is endorsed by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.


This course is formatted as an on-line course. Students, once registered, receive instructions for accessing the legal nurse consultant classroom. Here students are provided with course reading assignments, course examinations, access to the course instructor, and case studies for analysis. A required text book is used for this course.

This course is presented in four (4) modules (see below). Each module is 22.5 hours of instruction. After completing the study requirements for each module, the student takes an on-line examination which is submitted electronically or via fax to the instructor. A passing score of 70% is required to continue with the next module. Students who do not receive a passing score can re-take the module exams after reviewing the module materials again. The module four (4) exam is an analysis of a case study. Here the student utilizes all of the knowledge gained in the modules and writes a complete analysis of case study, as would be written for a client attorney. This comprehensive exercise prepares students to practice legal nurse consulting as an independent practitioner, or as an employee of a law firm or insurance firm.

Hours of Study/Instruction = 90 hours.


Dr. Flarey Ph.D., MBA, RN,CS, CNAA, FACHE, is certified in nursing administration advanced and as an adult nurse practitioner by the American Nurses Association Credentialing Center. He is a board certified health care executive by the American College of Healthcare Executives, and is a Fellow in the college. He also holds national certification in managed care from the Professional Education Institute. He is a Certified Medical-Legal Consultant.

Dr. Flarey is editor/author of the book, "Redesigning Nursing Care Delivery: Transforming Our Future," published by Lippincott/Raven publishers. He is also co-editor/author of the following books by Aspen Publishers: "Reengineering Nursing and Health Care: The Handbook for Organizational Transformation," winner of a 1995 AJN book of the year award, "The Handbook of Nursing Case Management: Health Care Delivery in a World of Managed Care," "Case Studies in Case Management," "Health Care Outcomes: Collaborative, Path-Based Approaches," and "Cardiovascular Outcomes: Collaborative, Path-Based Approaches," and "Process-Centered Healthcare Organizations."

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