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The Testing Center strives to achieve the optimal testing environment possible given the resources available.  We ask that students assist us in this effort by cooperating with and adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Present photo identification for any and all testing and for each administration of a test.  This requirement will not be waived for any reason.  Students are also expected to know the last name of their instructor and the course they are testing in.
  • Observe noise restrictions and keep voice levels low.  We ask all students to be considerate of others testing and to refrain from creating any kind of visual or auditory distraction.  Students responsible for a disturbance will be asked to leave.
  • Be prepared to stow personal belongings in a designated space.  ALL items (other than those allowed for the test itself) will be placed on the shelves.  No student will be allowed to have personal belongings at the testing station.
  • Turn off any and all electronic devices, including cell phones, and place with personal belongings.  If a cell phone rings during test administration, the student will immediately forfeit that test and be asked to leave the Center. 
  • Do not bring food or drink to the Testing Center.
  • Remember to make childcare arrangements before testing.  The Center does not allow children or visitors in the center while tests are being administered. 
  • Be prepared to finish the test in one administration.  Students cannot take bathroom breaks during test administration. No one is allowed to leave the testing area and then resume testing.  Allot enough time to complete the test.


The Testing Center staff is authorized to dismiss an examinee from testing and notify appropriate people of the dismissal for any of the following reasons:

  • Creating a disturbance
  • Failing to turn OFF a cell phone
  • Attempting to take a test for someone else
  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind
  • Using notes, books, calculators, listening devices, recording or photographic devices, or papers of any kind (unless there is prior written permission)
  • Attempting to remove test questions and/or responses (in any format) from the testing room
  • Failure to follow the test directions
  • Leaving the testing area without permission

If a student is dismissed from the Testing Center, that student's instructor will be notified of the dismissal.