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Redlands Community College Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2016

  • Dr. Von TungelnNewest Regent – Dr. David Von Tungeln, of Calumet, was appointed by Gov. Mary Fallin to the Redlands Community College Board of Regents. Dr. Von Tungeln was sworn in at the July 14, 2016 board meeting. He is the second Legacy Regent to serve on the Redlands board; his mother, Donna Von Tungeln, also served on the board. Dr. Von Tungeln attended El Reno High School and Redlands Community College. He graduated from veterinary school in 1983. For 32 years, he worked at Fort Reno. Now, he operates his family’s farm. He is married and has two children and two grandchildren.

    Redlands Community College Regent Chairperson Lynda McColl congratulates Dr. David Von Tungeln following his swearing-in ceremony. (Photo by Marcia Shottenkirk)

  • Enrollment: As of the end of the first week of classes, Redlands Community College recorded its highest headcount in the history of the institution, serving 2,928 students. That is an increase of nearly 9 percent over the same time period in 2015.

  • Dr. Temple Grandin Speaking Confirmation: Redlands Community College is preparing to welcome Dr. Temple Grandin on Nov. 11, 2016 for two speaking engagements. Her first appearance will be at the Darlington Chapel, where she will be meeting with Redlands agriculture students, Future Farmers of America local chapters and educators. Dr. Grandin will then tour the Royse Ranch facility. That evening will feature a presentation by Dr. Grandin on autism and the integration of students with autism on college campuses.

  • NASA Internships: Through the ur NASA grant, we have been able to offer Redlands students access to internships nationwide. Redlands Community College students Aspen Sutherland, Tanner Adams, Robert Johnson and Rhonda Weigand were selected by NASA to participate in workshops and internships. Sutherland was selected through the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) program, to attend an onsite workshop at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. Weigand returned from Stennis Space Center in Kiln, Miss., after completing an onsite workshop through NCAS. And, then, she along with Adams and Johnson worked at the Ames Research Facility in Mountain View, Calif., on NASA’s Mission to Mars project.

  • Official Opening of the Redlands Community College GrowHouse: The NASNTI-STEM Part A Grant Team opened The GrowHouse: Aquaponics and Sustainability Learning Laboratory. Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. The GrowHouse system, developed in partnership with Symbiotic Aquaponic, has four, 400-gallon fish tanks and 12 individually-controlled grow beds filled with specialized grow media. It operates on an ebb and flow system, meaning it will flood and drain the bed in 8/10 minutes continuously. It is our hope that this will create opportunities within our community for more sustainable agriculture partnerships. In addition, Redlands recently received an Aquaculture Dealer License.