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Native American Art Student excels in Redlands Community College Fine Arts Program.

Anna Valdez a member of the Kickapoo Tribe has found success studying art at Redlands Community College in El Reno, Okla.

As President of the Art Club, a Member of the Academic Team, and a participant in the All Nations Living Learning Community, Anna Valdez of Binger Okla., has been very active in her first year of community college. She also holds down two part time jobs and is striving to begin her career as a professional artist.

Valdez comes from a long-line of Native American artist and credit her parents for fostering her creativity from a very early age. Painting, ceramics, public art, and multi-dimensional works are just a few of the areas she has been investigating during her time at Redlands.

According to Valdez’s bio her work focuses on “…concepts like collective consciousness, enlightenment and quantum interconnectedness. Her inspiration comes from many places such as Dali, W.H. Auden, Nature, Duke Ellington, and cinema. A self-proclaimed weirdo, she enjoys exploring her own imagination through her surrealist inspired art work to create a menagerie of strange, dream-like pieces.”
Valdez is in the process of developing pieces for upcoming shows this spring. She is working toward developing a focused collection. Her work will be part of the Spring Redlands Community College student art show.
“Our programs are recruiting some of the most outstanding talent in the nation and we are finding many of them in rural Oklahoma. Anna Valdez is an example of the fantastic talent coming to Redlands,” said President Jack Bryant. “Savvy students and their parents are coming to Redlands to get a head start. Our students have a definite advantage at the four-year level. They are engaging in innovative education opportunities that many don’t receive until graduate school.”

Valdez plans to complete her associate’s degree at Redlands next year. Next, she will transfer to The Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. IAIA is the only four-year degree fine arts institution in the nation devoted to contemporary Native American and Alaska Native arts.

According to Nick Bayer, Professor for Art and Gallery Curator, “Anna is an amazing talent, and is driven to always do better. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.”

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