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Redlands Security: 405.422.6200

REMINDER: We ask that you first obtain a degree audit to ensure you select the right classes. A degree audit can be obtained through my.REDLANDScc from the Degree Audit portlet on your dashboard or from the Registrar's Office. If you have never had a degree audit please contact the Registrar's Office first.

If you find that you are eligible to enroll online after meeting the requirements in this guide, go to and logon with your Redlands Username and Password. You’ll then need to click the Student tab, then the Dashboard link on the left side of the page. After acknowledging the logon message, you will see your student dashboard. At that point you will need to click on the Modify Your Schedule button on the Schedule portlet. From here you’ll be able to select the right term and department for the class you would like to take. Remember, you are responsible for any classes you may take that do not apply toward your degree program. If you find you are not eligible to enroll, please contact the appropriate office for assistance.

Who can enroll online?
Any student who passes all of the online enrollment criteria established by the Director of Enrollment Management and the Division Directors of Instruction.

What are the online enrollment criteria?
First-time college students and first‐time RCC transfer students CANNOT enroll online.

You must have been advised by a Redlands Student Services advisor for at least one semester and know how to read and use your online degree audit, the class schedule, course catalog, and this online enrollment guide with location translation table.

If you are a member of any of the following special groups, you CANNOT enroll online:

  • Concurrent high school students
  • Project AIMS students
  • Tech Center students
  • Students majoring in the AAS - CJ degree
  • Scholars for Excellence in Child Care students
  • Developmental courses students - students who need to take ENGL 0113, ENGL 0123, COM 0123, COM 0133, MATH 0013, MATH 0103, MATH 0113, and MATH 0123

You must have completed at least a total of 12 credit hours.

Students who need to enroll in MATH 1513 - College Algebra or ENGL 1113 - English Composition I must contact an advisor in Student Services; neither class is eligible for online enrollment.

Students CANNOT enroll online in nursing (NURS) courses.

If you have ANY type of academic or financial hold, you CANNOT enroll online.

Please carefully read through the location translations below - make sure you take classes convenient for you. For example, if you live in El Reno, OK, you probably want to take classes that take place on‐campus or nearby - you wouldn't want to take a class in Seiling, OK (abbreviated SEILNG) or Shattuck, OK (abbreviated SHATCK). The Darlington campus is approximately 3.2 miles north and 3 miles west of El Reno, and the Royse campus is approximately 5.6 miles north of El Reno. All other locations are outside of the El Reno area and are considered off‐campus. Please call Student Services at 405.422.1417, if you have questions about the location of a class.

Location Translation Table