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Redlands Academic Team qualifies for 2015 Intercollegiate Division II Championship

The Redlands Academic Team has qualified to compete against peers at the nation’s top universities including: Yale, Princeton and Cornell after placing fourth in the national community college championship tournament and qualifying for the 2015 Intercollegiate Division II Championships.

President Jack Bryant said, "Oklahoma is a Powerhouse state for Academic Teams. Both Redlands and the University of Central Oklahoma placed high enough to qualify in their respective national tournaments to complete against the most elite colleges in the nation for the Division II Championships."

Students, on the Redlands A Team, who will compete at the Intercollegiate Division II Championships include: Dylan Olson, Mustang; Samantha Coffman, Kingfisher; Samuel Dicke, El Reno; Wolfgang Hasbell, Mustang; Emily Platt, El Reno. The Redlands B Team and third place state finishers who will be cheering their teammates on include: Dustin Davis, Mustang; Rowan Rain, Mustang; Kinzie Throneberry, Calumet; Thomas Van Gundy, El Reno; Jennifer Garfias, El Reno.

The Redlands Academic Team has won the state sectionals and secured a spot in the national tournament every year since the team’s inception in 2011. However, Redlands went into this year’s national tournament ranked 21st out of 24 teams.

According to Coach Cherry Rain, “The students demonstrated that Oklahoma Academic Teams are extremely competitive nation-wide. Friday’s tournament determined the individual scores and placed teams in a bracket. We placed in the top bracket and our captain, Dylan Olson was 6th in individual scores out of 116 competitors.”

During the Saturday games, the team had two wins and two losses before lunch and had to win the last two to place fourth.

Rain described the excitement of the Saturday afternoon competitions, “Our first game after lunch was a five point difference in score with us behind at the last question and we got it! Then the second game we were behind the whole way until the last question and we got it! Then at the award ceremony, they announced there was a tie for second place and for 4th place and we had to play a tiebreaker and it ended in a tie of 220 to 220! So we had to play a tiebreaker of the tiebreaker and we won!”
The fourth place finish qualified the Redlands team to compete in the Intercollegiate Division II Championships also in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Oklahoma students participating in the Intercollegiate Division II Championships include the current Redlands A team members as well as Redlands alumni who will be representing the University of Central Oklahoma.

According to Rain, “Two of the outstanding members on the University of Central Oklahoma Academic Team are Redlands Alumni Dustin Austin a Yukon High School graduate and Tracey Hickman a Rock Creek High School graduate."

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