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Redlands Community College has always been a strong proponent of furthering arts as well as sciences. Throughout 2016's spring semester, we will be hosting a variety of events in the Redlands Art Gallery. As each event is made available, we will update our events, so stay tuned for some amazing work by fantastic artists, both well-known and rising stars.

The art gallery's schedule for Spring 2016 is as follows:
  • All That South West Jazz, December 1–January 31
  • Gordon Parks Past Winners of the International Photography Contest, February 1–March 7th
  • Student Art Show, March 11–April 21st (with a reception on the 21st for both traditional art and performing arts students)
  • Faculty and Staff Art Show, April 25–May 25th

As each event draws closer, we will post more information on the website, so stay tuned!