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Redlands English Composition II Course Offers Students Innovative Service-Learning Experience

El Reno, Okla. – Redlands Community College is piloting new service-learning programming in spring 2015 beginning with two sections of English Composition II taught for concurrent Redlands students at Mustang High School.

According to Redlands President Jack Bryant, “Service is a key component of scholarship at Redlands Community College. Our institution is committed to serving the needs of the community, and our students will engage in officially sanctioned service-learning, an educational process where students convert classroom knowledge into solving real-world problems to benefit our community.”

The Redlands Comp II students are dual enrolled as seniors at Mustang High School and will assist Mustang Centennial Elementary School students in activities including vocabulary words, reading and comprehension, writing, grammar and spelling.

“We are taking their writing and communication skills out of the college classroom and into the elementary ones,” said Professor of Liberal Studies Marcia Shottenkirk. “It is amazing to already see the impact working with the younger students is having on our college students. They feel they are truly making a difference.”

The service-learning course closely follows the model from Campus Compact, a national coalition of more than 1,100 colleges and universities. Redlands students will receive service-learning credit for the course on their college transcripts, fulfilling a degree requirement for service-learning hours at four-year colleges and universities.

The Comp II course will include studies in rhetorical analysis and persuasive communication to aid students in their service-learning experience. The Redlands students will write four major essays as well as keep a reflection journal and present a final reflection paper.

“We have been so thrilled with the implementation of the service-learning project at Centennial Elementary,” said Assistant Principal Daryl Williamson. “Mrs. Shottenkirk has been so informative in developing the process, and the Redlands students have been very mature and helpful. We look forward to making this initiative a huge success right now and for many years to come.”

Students are expected to complete their final service-learning project and group presentation in late April.

Participating students are: Seth Amos, Chase Brown, Taylor Collins, Chandler Ake, Emelio Daugherty, Kallie Brandon, Karolina Del Bosque, Cade Brewer, Joshua Griffin, Regan Coil, Adrian Herrera, Cooper Copelin, Dixie Huckabay, Kayla Cox, Maddison Knoch, Collin Ermeling, Katy Kortemeier, Lance Frost, Madison McMahill, Abi Hagen, Preston Ochoa, Alexes Harris, Holly Ogle, Geoffrey Hightower, Ethan Owens, Emma Hudson, Hoai-Quoc Pham, Madison Kelly, Tyra Polk, Hailee Milburn, Destiny Renfrow, Alyssa Moon, Abigayle Slaten, Andrew Nguyen, Mac Stewart, Nicholas Roberts, Jaxon Taylor, Norman Smith, Joshua Vannoy, Brittney Sourignavong, Tristan Whitman and Allie Williams.

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