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Redlands Security: 405.422.6200

(All students must abide by the rules of the Redlands Testing Center)

  • Student must present a photo ID
  • Student must have the name of the instructor
  • No personal electronic devices are permitted (phones, PDAs, blackberries, pagers, etc.)
  • No food, drinks or children allowed in the testing or tutoring areas.
  • Student must provide his/her own pen or pencil.
  • Only material authorized by the instructor will be allowed inside the testing area (no purses, backpacks, etc.)
  • Student must show respect for all students and employees of the testing center
  • Students must provide receipt before taking a fee-based test
  • Please be aware of testing hours (tests must be finished by closing time)
  • Without prior approval from the instructor, all tests must be finished in one sitting.

The Testing Center CANNOT provide students with either a pencil or a calculator.