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Service Learning

Academic Service Learning

Making a Difference In Your Community

Academic Service Learning

Service Learning is an educational experience that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their schools and communities. It is an academic teaching method that helps students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtful, structured time for reflection; through fostering academic learning; and through a sense of caring and civic responsibility

Service Learning benefits the community, Redlands Community College students, faculty, and staff by:

  • Helping to fulfill community needs.
  • Exposing and teaching communities about emerging generations of students.
  • Establishing access and connections to other resources available at the community college.
  • Providing an opportunity for partner agencies to develop a strong sense of community and civic responsibility through Redlands Community College students.

Service Learning is an educational method in which students step into leadership roles in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet real needs in their community. The service is integrated into the student's academic courses with structured time to research, reflect, discuss, and connect their experiences in the service field to their learning in the classroom.

Looking For Student Support?

Consider a Service Learning Partnership Today

  • Partners must have the ability to support an academic Service Learning project, including staff to mentor and supervise students.
  • A specific project and related expenses (if any) must be identified to get started.
  • Find a Redlands Community College course or student group that matches your organization's mission and values.
  • We meet individually with students to discuss their interests and skills in order to find opportunities that are a good match for them.
  • Service Learning helps expose students to real-world experiences and become more aware of short- and long-term volunteer opportunities in the community.

Get Started Today!

  • Identify your organization's needs.
  • Identify what level of commitment will be necessary to meet those needs from Redlands Community College students.
  • Contact the Coordinator of Service Learning at 405.422.6237 or email:
  • Visit the links on the right side of this page for available forms and more information.
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