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We ask all faculty who teach service-learning to complete this submission process in order to get your course designated. Having courses designated will allow Redlands Community College and the Office of Service-Learning to have accurate information for reporting and quality control purposes. It will also provide students necessary information about their coursework. By Spring 2016, all Service-Learning courses will be designated and appear in the class schedule as a SL course.

Once submitted, your application will be sent to the Office of Service-Learning and will then be reviewed by the Service-Learning Course Review Committee.

If the course does not meet the criteria for Service-Learning Designation, the faculty member will be notified and will receive feedback and suggestions from the committee. The faculty member is encouraged to reapply for the SL Course Designation the next semester they will be teaching the course.

You will also be contacted by this committee about whether you plan to renew the SL course designation on this course in future semesters. You need not re-apply for the SL designation each semester that you plan to teach this course. If there have been no substantial changes to the syllabus from the previous application, the faculty member need only submit the course syllabus, and review will be conducted by the Office of Service-Learning. However, if the community partner has changed, updated contact information will be requested by the committee. For a course offering multiple sections, an application must be submitted each time a Service-Learning section is offered. When substantial changes have been made to the syllabus, a complete application is required, and review will be conducted by the Service-Learning Course Review Committee.

Please note: If this is a new course to Redlands Community College, faculty must first seek approval of the course by the appropriate curriculum committee before submitting to this group for a service-learning designation.

Application for Service Learning Course Designation
Please complete this form in order to receive the SL designation for your course. Courses will be reviewed as they are received, but our goal is to have as many in the system prior to the class schedule due date. If you have any questions please contact the Campus and Community Engagement office at or call 405.422.6237 for support.
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