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Shannon Chelf

Criminal Interdiction Specialist
US Department of Transportation

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Criminal Interdiction team (retired)

Shannon Chelf retired from the Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Criminal Interdiction team in 2005 with 18 years of service. Since December of 2005 Shannon has served the US Department of Transportation as a Criminal Interdiction Specialist serving within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration / Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP).

Shannon was hired by Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement (KVE) in 1987 as a Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspector and remained in that position until being promoted to Officer in 1989. During his tenure as a CMV Inspector and Officer Shannon conducted thousands of safety inspections and developed a unique understanding of commercial vehicles and the trucking industry. Upon graduation from the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy he was assigned to the I‐65 corridor. Shannon was assigned to KVE's criminal interdiction team and served as a Criminal Interdiction Officer and team leader until his retirement from KVE and entry into Federal Service in December of 2005.

In 1993 Shannon received Commercial Vehicle Criminal Interdiction training from the Drug Interdiction Assistance Program and immediately started making criminal arrests of commercial vehicle drivers and routinely seizing contraband, and in many years, led the Agency as their top producing CV Criminal Interdiction Officer!

Shannon has been involved in over 40 significant Commercial Vehicle interdictions ‐ in excess of 100 pounds of marijuana, $100K of US Currency, or 10 pounds of Cocaine as a result of "cold stops" without prior intelligence. Additionally Shannon arrested over 300 commercial vehicle drivers and occupants engaged in various types of criminal activity, the majority being possession, impairment, or possession for sale of methamphetamine. Shannon has a 99% + conviction rate in state and federal courts! Shannon's criminal interdiction cases have been affirmed and published by the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court. Shannon has also had a case affirmed and published by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, which set the standard of Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspectors' encountering criminal activity while conducting their duties.

Shannon has received over seven hundred hours of highway criminal interdiction training from DIAP, the Drug Enforcement Administration's "Operation Pipeline/Convoy" through the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), and "Desert Snow". In addition, Shannon has received specialized training in the North American Standard Inspection Parts A and B, Cargo Tanks, Firearms, Interviews and Interrogations, Kinesics, Oculesics, and Constitutional Law.

Shannon received the United States' Criminal Interdiction Officer of the Year Award from DIAP and EPIC in 2003 and was also a member of the 2003 United States Criminal Interdiction Team of the Year. Shannon received numerous State Meritorious Service, Meritorious Achievement, and Drug Enforcement Awards. Shannon has also received numerous Letters of Appreciation and Commendation from the United States Attorney's Office ‐Western District of Kentucky, the United States Department of Transportation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).

Shannon has been a DIAP / EPIC Certified Commercial Vehicle Criminal Interdiction instructor since 1997, with over 5000 hours of instruction provided throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to DIAP and EPIC instruction, Shannon has instructed for numerous HIDTA's participating in the Domestic Highway Enforcement initiative, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the National Criminal Enforcement Association, Road Warrior Interdiction Network, and "Desert Snow".