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  1. Admissions Standards and Procedures

    Prospective international students should take the following procedures to submit an application for admission:

    1. All correspondence relating to admissions should be sent to:

      Office of Admissions and International Relations
      Redlands Community College
      1300 S. Country Club Rd.
      El Reno, Ok. 73036-5304

    2. Before Redlands Community College can process an admission application the International Student Office at Redlands Community College must receive all of the forms listed below: (Certified English translations are required for those items so indicated.)
      1. A completed Redlands Community College Application for Admission.

      2. Official high school transcript(s) and/or documents indicating the date that all secondary school requirements were met. A certified English translation must be attached if the transcript is not printed in English.

      3. The completed “Confirmation of Financial Resources” (less than 120 days old) showing the ability to finance the projected educational goals ($17,500). A prospective student must demonstrate that s/he can meet all expenses incurred while a student. This “Confirmation of Financial Resources” must be officially certified or notarized.

        NOTE: Self-sponsorship is NOT acceptable. A sponsor cannot be another international student.

      4. A bank statement indicating the U.S. dollar amount available. The bank statement should be in either the name of the student or the student’s sponsor. Bank statements must be stamped and signed by a bank or government official.

      5. Provide proof of English proficiency by meeting one of the following:
        1. Score a minimum of 500 on the paper-based International Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). An individual not eligible for admission under the standard of 500 may be admitted conditionally if he/she has attained a minimum score of 460 and afterward has satisfactorily completed a minimum of twelve (12) weeks of intensive English study at an approved institution.
        2. Students are required to present a minimum TOEFL score of 61 on the internet-based exam, 173 on the computer-based exam or a minimum IELTS score of 5.5.
        3. Submit an official transcript reflecting 24 completed college hours of accredited college work (must be in “good standing”) at a college or university in the United States.
        4. Submit an official U.S. high school transcript, with date of graduation, which indicates that all curricular requirements have been met. A list of curricular requirements is available from the Admissions Office.

      6. If a student is transferring from another institution to Redlands Community College, the student must have maintained his/her immigration “status” and be in “good standing” with the previous institution for the semester prior to the semester the student is transferring. A status letter from is available from the Redlands Community College Admissions Office and must be completed by the last institution the student was authorized to attend.

      7. Submit a valid passport, I-94, and if transferring from another institution, the I-20 student copy from the last school the student was authorized to attend.

    3. Part-Time and Summer International students seeking admission must follow these steps:
      1. Submit an Application of Admission.
      2. Submit a current official Letter of Good Standing, each semester, from the parent institution. This letter must reflect full-time enrollment.
      3. Submit a current official transcript from the parent institution.

  2. Payment
    Enrollment fees for each semester are due according to the regular fee payment schedule. It is important that you have sufficient funds at the beginning of each semester or summer session to pay for school charges, as well as to purchase necessary books and supplies.

  3. Finances and Transfer of Funds
    Certain countries have special procedures to follow and have limitations on the amount of money which can be sent. Remember that international students are responsible for providing for educational expenses. Students should know the procedures and limitations of his/her country in processing money. If a country has currency restrictions, the student should seek to find the procedures the country has established to send money out of the country. The American Embassy or Consulate can be of assistance in determining a country’s established procedures.

  4. Housing
    Redlands Community College on-campus housing is available.

If, after review of your documents, you are eligible for admission to Redlands Community College, an I-20 form will be issued. You must report to the Office of Admissions at Redlands Community College as soon as possible after entering the United States. Your enrollment will be considered for the semester following the date of issue on your I-20. It is recommended that you present proof of health insurance prior to completion of formal admission.

For more information or to make comments

Admissions and International Relations
405.422.1417 option 5
1300 S. Country Club Road
El Reno, OK 73036-5304