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All documentation provided will be stored securely and kept confidential as it is used for educational assistance and federal grant reporting purposes only

Personal Information
What is your disability status
Program Data & Eligibility Information
If no, please submit permanent residency documents to VUB office   You may provide a Member-4 copy of your DD-214 and copy of your most recent federal taxes for program eligibility.
Emergency Contact information
Educational Information
Financial Aid
Please indicate any financial aid you should be or believe you are eligible for and plan on using for your education now (indicate all that apply and indicate which type):
By submitting this form you agree to the following:
I agree to participate in the services provided for me by the Redlands Community College (RCC) Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) Program.  These services are designed to help me reach my stated educational and career goals.  Becoming ready to enter a postsecondary program of study is an essential part of reaching my goals.  I realize that RCC VUB Program is dedicated to my success, and by agreeing to participate, I express my dedication to reaching my goals as well. I agree to...
  • Attend individual academic counseling sessions;
  • Complete the assessment process to assure my academic, career, and personal needs are addressed;
  • Participate in academic remediation (classes, workshops, computerized self-paced instruction, tutoring, pre- and post-testing);
  • Complete financial aid applications/paperwork addressing the financial responsibilities of postsecondary attendance;
  • Complete an admissions application/the admissions process required at the school of my choice;
  • Fully participate and work cooperatively with the VUB staff to reach my career goal.
I understand that by following the individual education plan devised by my VUB counselor and myself, I will fulfill all the above listed items in which I have agreed to participate. I will be dropped from this VUB Program if I do not stay active by participating in at least one activity every two months.  Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  I must continue to be actively seeking admission to a postsecondary program of study to be retained in the VUB Program.