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Accessing student e-mail, online courses, and your student records.

As a Redlands Community College student, you will be provided a username and password, both of which are printed on the bottom of the course schedule you received after enrolling. Access the Internet, open the browser of your choice, enter and locate the login box in the upper-right corner. Enter the username listed on your schedule. It is in the format: firstname.middleinitial.lastname. If you do not have a middle initial, our system uses a number (i.e. john.1.doe). Enter the password that was provided on your schedule in the password block. Click “Login” and you will be directed to the my.REDLANDScc portal where you will have access to your student e-mail account, online course material, demographic information, etc. Students taking an online class, click on the “Blackboard” Icon. For assistance in logging into my.REDLANDScc, please contact Technology Support Services at 405.422.1288, or stop by and see us personally. We are located in the Multimedia Building room MM-132.

Student Records Dashboard
To access your student records please sign into the my.REDLANDScc Portal (see previous instructions) and click the “Student” tab at the top, then “Dashboard” on the left to access your schedule, your billing statement and refund check availability, your degree audit, and your financial aid information.


Student Enrollment
Report to Student Services Center for advisement and enrollment OR qualified students may enroll online via your my.REDLANDScc Student Dashboard. Students who are unable to enroll in person/online, see the website for more options.

First-Time Student Admission
Students are requested to report to the Student Services Center in the Administration Building, and submit an application for admission or visit the Redlands website at and click “Apply Today”. Provide OFFICIAL high school transcript or GED test results (if applicable) plus OFFICIAL transcripts from any previous colleges or universities. Submit ACT, SAT or take Redlands Placement test. When a student is admitted to Redlands, transcripts are evaluated for transfer credit and high school curriculum. Redlands recognizes transfer credit from U.S. regionally-accredited associations. Failure to acknowledge and submit transcripts from all schools attended may be considered academic fraud and may result in a student’s expulsion from the institution. Official transcripts are required before the application process is considered complete.

Student ID
All students must obtain a student identification card. The student ID card will be used for printing in the computer labs and making copies on the campus copy machines. The identification card must be used when cashing personal checks or picking up any funds being released at the college Business Office. Your ID may also be used for free admission to athletic events, Fitness for Life Center, and the Natatorium. The student ID card is available Student Services as part of the enrollment procedure. Students must present a photo ID.

Tuition & Fees
Tuition and Fees are approved by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and are subject to change without notice. When a student enrolls, he or she is responsible for enrollment tuition and fees. These charges will not be canceled or refunded unless the student initiates a formal withdrawal before classes begin. Students who fail to pay tuition and fees or to make suitable arrangements for payment of tuition and fees, may be denied admission to classes the following semester.

See the Tuition and Fees page for a full list of Credit Hour and Course Fees.

Methods of Payment
Cash, check, money order, credit card, financial aid award letter, scholarship award letter or enrollment in FACTS Tuition Payment Plan are all acceptable methods of payment or payment arrangement. Please be advised, if paying by credit card, your account will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee. Any items or balances not covered by award letters will be due at time of enrollment and can be paid by cash, check, credit card, or enrollment in FACTS Tuition Payment Plan. Monthly payments can be made through the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan. See the Bursar’s Office for details or access the “Payment Plan” option on your my.REDLANDScc Student Dashboard. (Note: The FACTS plan requires an established checking or savings account.)

Fee Schedule for Late Payment of Account
Payment or approved payment arrangements at time of enrollment – no penalty. A minimum of $50 per enrollment period may be charged for any late payment of the student’s account balance that does not meet the payment or payment arrangements requirements listed under “Methods of Payment”. An additional monthly late payment penalty may be assessed for any unpaid account balance after the official add/drop period ends. Additional late payment penalties may be assessed for each month an account carries any unpaid balance. At the time of enrollment, students who receive financial aid will be required to pay, or make payment arrangements for any balance not covered by financial aid. Students who enroll in the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan program at the time of enrollment will not be assessed a late payment penalty as long as the FACTS account remains in good standing. Terminating the FACTS account prior to completion of the payment plan may result in late payment penalties in addition to the charges assessed by the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan program. Failure to pay all charges and penalties owed by the due date will result in a hold on future enrollment and transcript. The account may be turned over to an outside collection agency and a fee may be charged for the collection process. Redlands Community College also participates in the Oklahoma Tax Commission Warrant Intercept program, which deducts past due balances from tax refund checks.

Withdrawal (whether from any class or a complete withdrawal) must be completed by the enrolled student in person or in writing as described below. Telephone withdrawal will not be accepted. Written withdrawals should be addressed to the attention of Student Services. Faxed withdrawals should be faxed to 405.422.1239. The following process must be adhered to – whether to drop a class or withdraw from all classes contact the Student Services Office to obtain the proper form, then obtain all necessary approvals (Instructors, Advisor, Financial Aid, Business Office, and Registrar’s Office). Until the proper form has been approved and processed, by the Registrar’s Office, the student is not considered to have made a change in his or her registration. Written withdrawal must contain student’s name, student ID, course to withdraw from, and student signature. The request should be returned by mail to the Office of Student Services, Redlands Community College, 1300 S. Country Club Road, El Reno, OK 73036, or faxed to 405.422.1239. Please be sure to provide a current contact phone number with your request. It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with Student Services to ensure the request was received and processed. All tuition and fee charges are the student’s responsibility. Students must withdraw as described above by the drop date to avoid charges.

Refunds of Tuition & Fees
The refund policy for fees and tuition (except for Title IV recipients) collected from students shall be as follows:

  1. Withdrawals and Changes of Enrollment
    1. Changes in schedules and complete withdrawals from the institution during the defined add/drop period will result in full charges for courses added and full credit for courses dropped. No refunds will be made after the add/drop period for that session except as stipulated for Title IV recipients in item B.
    2. The refund policy for fees and tuition collected from Title IV recipients shall be as follows: The Higher Education Act Amendments of 1992, (Title IV, Part G and 484V) require that each institution refunds unearned tuition, fees, room and board and other charges to students who withdraw from an institution before the end of the semester or term. The Higher Education Act defines a “fair and equitable refund policy” as a policy that provides for a refund in an amount of at least the largest of the amounts provided under:
      1. The Higher Education Act defines a ―fair and equitable refund policy as a policy that provides for a refund in an amount of at least the largest of the amounts provided under:
      2. The requirements of applicable state law;
      3. The Federal Government has set guidelines concerning students who receive Title IV Aid and completely withdraw from school or stop attending courses. Any student making a complete withdrawal or that stops attending his or her classes who received a Federal Pell Grant, SEOG, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Unsubsidized Stafford Loan or a Parent (PLUS) Loan, will be required to return money to the school immediately if they drop out or stop attending courses before 60% of the semester has been finished. After the calculations are figured, the Redlands Community College Financial Aid Office will notify any student who might be required to return money to the Federal Government. Your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status will also be evaluated at the end of the semester and you will be notified accordingly.
  2. Fees Applicable Only for Current Semester—Fees are applicable only for the current semester. If a student withdraws and is entitled to a refund, the amount of the refund cannot be carried forward as a credit to a subsequent session.
  3. Refunds for Classes Offered on a Non-Standard Schedule—Institutions may refund tuition and fees paid by a student who must withdraw from a course offered on a schedule that differs from the standard 16-week term or 15-week trimester. Each institution may develop refund procedures for courses offered on a non-standard schedule.
  4. Reminder: Students who receive federal financial aid assistance and drop one or more classes or withdraw from college may be responsible for returning to the federal government some or all of the financial aid that they have received. Refund of Audit Fee—Audit fees are not refunded.


Drs. Owen and Bess Jenkins Academic Center for Enhancement
Drs. Owen and Bess Jenkins Academic Center for Enhancement is located on the second floor of the A.R. Harrison Learning Resources Center, LRC 21-A and 22-A. The Tutoring and Writing Center offers walk-in tutoring for most academic areas, including writing, math, science and business, in addition to assistance with college success skills. The Testing Center offers make-up testing as well as placement testing, Advanced Standing exams, ACT, CLEP, DSST and other standardized tests. Hours of operation will vary by semester. Please check the website for the current schedule. For more information call 405.422.6270 or e-mail or

Bookstore Schedule
The Bookstore, managed by Follett Higher Education Group, carries required textbooks and accompanying supplies. In addition, the Bookstore offers Redlands clothing and gifts, class rings and many other items. The Bookstore is located in the Ray Porter Academic Complex and is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Summer hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The Bookstore also has extended back-to-school rush hours. Please check with the Bookstore for these hours. Refunds are given during the first two weeks of class during regular semesters. A receipt is required. The book must be in the condition in which it was purchased. The Bookstore buys back books every day. Check prices and order textbooks on-line 24 hours a day at Major credit cards are accepted. Financial aid can be used on Follett web site. Students approved for financial aid with enough aid money to pay their Redlands bill and have money left over can purchase books on the Redlands Bookstore website.”

Federal Financial Aid
To apply for Federal Student Aid, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is a free process that must be completed each academic year. Students may apply online by clicking here. The FAFSA application should be completed before April 1 each year in order to ensure receiving a timely Financial Aid response. Students who plan to rely on financial aid to meet tuition and/or housing payment deadlines and/or who plan to seek bookstore charge privileges must have all required documentation submitted to the Financial Aid office by July 15 for Fall, December 1 for Spring and May 1 for Summer. Students applying for financial aid after these priority deadlines will need to make alternative arrangements for tuition, housing and bookstore charges until financial aid can be processed. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at Redlands Community College at 405.422.6250, or visit our office on campus. Redlands’ Title IV School Code is #003156.

Career Services
Career Services provides resources, assistance and instruction in college career planning, job market information, resume preparation, interview techniques, internship opportunities and business leadership opportunities. Contact the Career Services Office in Student Services 405.422.1417 for information or e-mail Career course offered for college credit: Occupational/Technical Internship (MGMT 2103). See Career Services for more information.

Students can view job postings on the job board located outside of Student Services.

Cooperative Agreements
Redlands Community College and several area technology centers have entered into an agreement which provides students the opportunity to earn college credit for selected courses while enrolled at the area technology center. For more information contact the technology center at the specified number or call Student Services at 405.422.1417.

Redlands Community College currently offers academically talented students the opportunity to enhance their regular coursework with innovative research and writing projects through an individualized contract pending their professor’s approval. This contract allows interested students to expand their understanding of the course material by pursing an independent study of a subject in greater depth.

A student must earn a minimum grade of a B in the course and fully complete the additional agreed-upon research project to the professor’s satisfaction in order to receive an Honors notation on his/her transcript. If a student does not complete the full parameters of the Honors contract, that student’s grade in the overall course will not be affected. However, a student’s failure to complete an Honors contract may result in fewer Honors contract opportunities.

If a student successfully completes 15 credit hours of Honors work while attending Redlands Community College, he/she will graduate “With Honors” and receive special recognition at Commencement.

For more information, contact the Honors Program office at 405.422.1220 or email

Academic Service-Learning
Service-Learning is an educational experience that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their schools and communities. It is an academic teaching method that helps students develop by taking the curriculum they learn in the classroom and using that knowledge in a real-world application setting. Students also participate in thoughtful, structured reflection, with a desired outcome of increased empathy and a heightened sense of civic responsibility.

Students at Redlands Community College may earn Service-Learning course credit through an individualized Student/Faculty Agreement pending their professor’s approval. Another option would be to enroll in Introduction to Service-Learning, SOC 1121-3.

For more information, contact the Service-Learning office at 405.422.1220 or email

Learning Resources Center
Summer hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Fall hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
(Changes in hours posted in advance.)

The A.R. Harrison Learning Resources Center (LRC) is located at the north end of the Multimedia Lifelong Learning Center. The LRC provides access to print resources and electronic databases of articles, ebooks, reference materials, and streaming videos.

Access to materials in the LRC is provided through the online catalog at Books not held locally are available through interlibrary loan and the OK-Share program. Reserve materials, Internet access and printer/copier are also available for student and faculty use in the LRC.

Access to electronic databases is provided remotely through the my.REDLANDScc portal. After logging in, click the “Library” tab at the top. If you have questions, call the library at 405.422.1254 or email

Information Commons
The Commons computer lab is open to students and faculty whenever the LRC is open and/or there are classes in session in the Multimedia Lifelong Learning building. Students using any Redlands campus computers must comply with the Network Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures found in the catalog or student handbook.

Technology Support Services
Please contact Redlands Technology Support Services at or 405.422.1288 for help with issues in regards to my.REDLANDScc, Blackboard, Webmail, or other technology related items. Redlands TSS is also available to assist with issues on your personal devices. TSS hours are: Monday – Thursday 7:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Friday 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Hours may vary).

Release of Student Information & Access to Student Records
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a Federal law, requires that Redlands Community College, with certain exceptions, obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your education records. However, Redlands Community College (Redlands) may disclose appropriately designated “directory information” without written consent, unless you have advised Redlands to the contrary in accordance with Redlands’ procedures. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow Redlands Community College to include this type of information from your educational records in certain school publications. Examples include:

  • A playbill, showing your role in a drama production;
  • he annual yearbook or student directory;
  • Honor roll or other recognition lists;
  • Graduation programs; and
  • Sports activity sheets, such as for basketball, showing weight and height of team members.

Directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, can also be disclosed to outside organizations without written consent. Outside organizations include, but are not limited to, companies that manufacture class rings or publish yearbooks. Outside organizations may also include other colleges who request information on students who have graduated for transfer purposes or students who want to pursue opportunities after Redlands. In addition, two federal laws require Redlands, who receives Federal assistance, to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories—names, addresses and telephone listings—unless students have advised Redlands that they do not want their information disclosed without their prior written consent.

If you do not want Redlands Community College to disclose directory information from your educational records without your prior written consent, you must notify Redlands in writing by the date you wish to end directory information disclosure. A block on disclosure of directory information is NOT retroactive, but it will remain in effect from the date of initiation to the date of cancellation (if any). To request a block on your directory information, please contact the Registrar’s Office by e-mail at from your Redlands student e-mail account or by phone at 405.422.6238; you may also contact the Registrar’s Office to have a directory information block removed. Redlands can release your directory or confidential information to someone of your choosing, but you must contact the Registrar’s Office to request such service. Redlands Community College has designated the following information as directory information:
[Note: an educational agency like Redlands may, but does not have to, include all the information listed below.]

Student’s name • Address • Telephone listing • Electronic mail address • Photograph • Date and place of birth • Major field of study • Dates of attendance • Grade level • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports • Weight and height of athletic team members • Degrees, honors, and awards received • The most recent educational agency or institution attended

NOTE – the item below does NOT apply at Redlands Community College. Redlands does not view the Social Security Number (SSN) or the student ID number as directory information. Redlands views both items as confidential information and will NOT disclose either one without specific written permission to release either the SSN or the student ID number.

  • Student ID number, user ID, or other unique personal identifier used to communicate in electronic systems that cannot be used to access education records without a PIN, password, etc. (A student’s SSN, in whole or in part, cannot be used for this purpose.)
  • Please note that Redlands does disclose confidential information, including the SSN, to outside organizations as required for regulatory compliance.

Campus Crime, Security, and Fire Report
Section 485 of the Higher Education Act requires Redlands Community College to collect data about the level and nature of crimes and fires on campus. To view the most recent report see the Campus Security page.

Weather Announcements
If classes are canceled due to bad weather, announcements will be made via text messages, on local television stations (KFOR- Channel 4, KOCO-Channel 5, KWTV-Channel 9,KOKH-Channel Fox 25 and OETA ) and radio stations (KTOK-1000AM, KOKC-1520 AM and KTUZ-106.7 FM). You may also check the Redlands website at, or call the switchboard at 405.262.2552. To receive text message alerts make sure your cell phone number is up to date on your my.REDLANDScc Student Dashboard.