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Refund Choice Selection

We’re also excited to announce a new, easy-to-use way to take your payments and setup payment plans. Now, if you see you have an outstanding bill:

Billing Portlet

You can click on the Online Bill Pay button, and select the semester that you owe in. You’ll then see a full bill with all your charges and a pay now and payment plan button.

Payment Options

Pay Now will open up an easy to use payment site that will take a one-time payment and immediately apply it to your account.

One Time Payment Screen

The Payment Plan button will open up another site that will allow you to create a plan that will automatically draft from the bank account you setup at pre-determined dates, for pre-determined amounts.

Payment Plan Screen 1

After confirming your identity, you’ll be given the option of two different plans. The first is the option that will work for most people, it spreads your payments over 5 pay periods with 20% of your bill due by each pay period. The second option is intended for those students who expect a large amount of financial aid to pay their bill, sometimes this can be applied quite late so the pay periods are in the final two months of the semester after all Financial Aid changes have been completed. This will have larger payments to ensure that the bill gets paid off before the end of the semester, so please do not sign up for this option if you’re not confident that you’ll be receiving Financial Aid.

Payment Plan Screen 2

You’ll then confirm everything and will be shown a copy of your payment schedule before you move on to accepting enrollment in the payment plan.

Payment Plan Screen 2 w/ Timeline

The next screen will take you through the bank agreements that you will need to read and agree to before you can enter your banking information.

Payment Plan Screen 3
Payment Plan Screen 3 w/ Agreement
Payment Plan Screen 3 w/ Button
Payment Plan Screen 3 Agreed

Then just enter your Credit Card or Bank information, pay your $30 fee and you’re signed up!

Refund Choice Selection

We’ve introduced a new prompt in my.REDLANDScc to allow you to easily setup an automated Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to a bank account of your choice. Just click a link and enter your banking information.

You’ll need to navigate to and sign in as normal, then you’ll click on your Student tab to access your dashboard. You’ll see a block of text where your schedule and billing information would normally be that includes a link to get yourself setup.

Dashboard Prompt

Clicking the link will open a new window on Herring Bank’s website that will allow you to make your selection. Here is a short video explaining the steps.

Don’t have a bank account already? Don’t worry, just select the option to choose a checking account with Herring Bank. Your new Student ID card will become your Debit Card, and you’ll be able to use your refund to make purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Either option will ensure that you never have to wait on a paper check at our Business Office again!