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Refund Choice Selection

We’ve introduced a new prompt in my.REDLANDScc to allow you to easily setup an automated Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to a bank account of your choice. Just click a link and enter your banking information.

You’ll need to navigate to and sign in as normal, then you’ll click on your Student tab to access your dashboard. You’ll see a block of text where your schedule and billing information would normally be that includes a link to get yourself setup.

Dashboard Prompt

Clicking the link will open a new window on Herring Bank’s website that will allow you to make your selection. Here is a short video explaining the steps.

Don’t have a bank account already? Don’t worry, just select the option to choose a checking account with Herring Bank. Your new Student ID card will become your Debit Card, and you’ll be able to use your refund to make purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Either option will ensure that you never have to wait on a paper check at our Business Office again!