Hemp Pilot Program

Announcement concerning the Redlands Community College Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

After deliberation with our attorney, risk management, and our faculty, the Redlands Community College administration, with the full support of the Redlands Community College Board of Regents, has determined that individuals who propose to grow industrial hemp in their place of residence poses an unnecessary liability risk on our faculty, students and institution, that we cannot in good faith, endorse.

Therefore, only indoor grow contracts that are housed in greenhouses or other indoor grow facilities, that are not places of residence, will be approved as participants in the pilot project.


Thank you for your interest in the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Redlands Community College, in conjunction with our partner, Botanac, is currently fielding inquiries for the upcoming growing season.

Please complete the questionnaire below if you would like to participate in the program. If you are part of a family group or other partnership, please designate one person to complete the form and to be the point of contact. Please submit separate questionnaires for each growing site if you are interested in growing in more than one indoor or outdoor location.

If you have questions about the program, please email the project coordinator Hemp.Pilot@redlandscc.edu or call 405.422.1223.