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Programs of Study

Few colleges our size provide such a wide range of studies as Redlands. From advanced labs to engaged professors to extensive support, you will find everything you need to build your unique path forward.

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Service Learning

Pursue what's important to you and be involved in bettering the community. Like being a good neighbor in their hometown, Service Learning students make a valuable difference for others. Plus, you'll be making valuable career progress.

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Honors Program

High achievers find a home at Redlands! Your pursuit of excellence will provide more than academic rewards: you will find a community of students who share your enthusiasm. You may even wish to get involved in our four-time State Champion and nationally recognized Academic Team.

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Concurrent Enrollment

Enrolling in college classes while you are still in high school is a great way to grow as a student and as a person. Redlands is proud to be a resource for students in high schools both large and small all across Oklahoma. Start your college experience with us!

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Other Resources

Academic Calendar

See all the important dates that shape the student experience.


Academic Integrity

Learn more about our policies and categories.


Student Handbook

Guidelines that describe all the ways we are working for all students' best interest.