Game Day Worker

Part-time position(s)

Part-time, temporary position(s), working games as scheduled for multiple positions, including time/score keeper, bookkeeper, and announcer. Pay is $25.00 per game. Position(s) run from Mid-August until May.  Responsibilities for time/score keeper include ability to run a scoreboard clock, and/or a shot clock, and input scores into the scoreboard for soccer, basketball, or baseball games. Responsibilities for bookkeepers include tracking individual player statistics, the number of penalties or fouls each player receives, and alerting an official when a player receives his last permissible foul or penalty.  Prior experience is required for the bookkeeping position.  Responsibilities for the announcer include introducing teams and players, initiating the pledge/national anthem, providing the audience with play by play commentary on action happening in the game, and cueing music or other talent before and/or during the game breaks. Employees will be required to arrive prior to the start of the games, and remain after the games have ended to assist with equipment setup and take-down.  Other duties include: following all facility policies, rules and regulations; inspecting and reporting any unsafe conditions or equipment to the supervisor; and other duties as assigned.  Minimum qualifications: knowledge and/or past experience with the sport being played.  Applications may be picked up from the Human Resources Department at Redlands Community College, 1300 South Country Club Road, El Reno, OK 73036. Positions are open until filled.

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