Student Support Services Grant Renewed

Student Support Services director Amy Graham meets with student Cheyenne LeachThe U.S. Department of Education has renewed a grant totaling nearly $1.5 million for Redlands Community College’s Student Support Services, a federally funded TRIO program that provides free tutoring, college survival course work, transfer assistance and vocational counseling. 

“Programs such as our Student Support Services are vital to helping students achieve their career and educational goals,” said Redlands President Jack Bryant. “Many students are first-generation college students or lack a strong support system to help them navigate higher education on their path to a successful career. We are pleased that our staff will be able to continue providing these necessary services.” 

Approximately 200 students participate in the program each year and receive access to academic tutoring; developmental math, English and reading programs; academic advising; financial aid and financial literacy guidance; transfer assistance to four-year institutions; and career advising.

“To have a group of people of people behind me, supporting me through not only my educational path, but my personal path as well, is something I will be forever grateful for,” said Cheyenne Leach, a Redlands student in the Student Support Services program. “TRIO has given me the ability to follow my dreams and has introduced me to staff members dedicated to helping along the way to accomplishing these goals. TRIO has given me the opportunity to succeed. TRIO has given me the power to take control of my life.”

According to Amy Graham, project director for the Student Support Services grant, the program is designed to increase retention and graduation rates of students who are first generation, low income or have a disability. Potential students must submit an application to the program along with their documentation of eligibility.

For more information about the Student Support Services program, visit, email or call (405) 422-1434.