Concurrent Course Payment

Concurrent students are eligible for tuition waivers. The only cost to students is the fees associated with their classes (lab fees for science classes, etc.) plus the cost of books. 

Seniors are eligible for 18 credit hours of concurrent tuition waiver. This waiver can be used between the three semesters of the student's senior year starting the summer before his/her senior year. 

For the 2019-2020 academic year, Juniors are eligible for up to nine (9) credit hours of concurrent tuition waiver. This waiver can be used during the Fall or Spring semester of a student’s junior year.

Concurrent students are only responsible for the fees associated with his/her class. These fees may include Records/Transcript Fee, Portal Access Fee, and Campus Safety & Wellness Fee. These are all base fees that get charged to each student regardless of if they are taking classes online, on campus, or at their high school. Other fees may include, but are not limited to: Science Fee, Art Fee, CMSC Fee, or AG Fees.

Fees are: 

  • three (3) credit hours = $94
  • six (6) credit hours = $163
  • nine (9) credit hours = $232
  • twelve (12) credit hours = $301
  • fifteen (15) credit hours = $370
  • eighteen (18) credit hours = $439

*Some courses, such as sciences, may have additional fees.

The concurrent tuition waiver comes from the state and is awarded when we transmit financial aid. This is the reason that the concurrent tuition is listed on the initial bill. 


When and how to pay:

Payments for concurrent students are due by the last day of the semester.

Online via with your student login information (provided on your schedule) for a 2.75% fee if using a credit card. There is not an extra fee for using an e-check online.

  • All students must complete their refund choice before making an online payment. (You will find this link at the bottom of the page under your “Student” tab on your my.REDLANDScc portal.)
  • Concurrent students may make a one-time payment online only AFTER the concurrent tuition waiver is applied to the account. This usually happens about mid-semester. Concurrent tuition will be listed on the student's account until after Financial Aid is transmitted. 

Cash, check, or money order in person at the Redlands Business Office

By phone using Visa or Master Card for a 2.75% fee. Call 405.422.1297. 

By mail using check or money order: (do NOT mail cash) 
Redlands Community College
ATTN: Business Office
1300 South Country Club Road
El Reno, OK 73036

Payments may be made in increments throughout the semester if needed. It is not necessary to call the business office to make these arrangements, so long as the account is paid in full by the end of the semester. 

*Students and/or parents are encouraged to call or email the Business Office before making a payment IF they are unsure of an amount or how to pay. 

For more information:
Business Office