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Career Services and Cooperative Work Experience offer a variety of services to enhance career planning and exploration processes.
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Career Exploration is an opportunity for self-discovery. Students are encouraged to participate in self-assessment which includes assessing their work values, interests, abilities, and identifying a course of academic study. Career Exploration is free to currently-enrolled RCC students or as a credit course, Career Planning. Career Exploration is customized to meet individual needs, and appointments are made at the convenience of the participant.

Cooperative Work Experience/Internships provide many values to the students chosen career. The practical, experiential learning is coordinated through the Career Services Office. The course elements include hands-on work experience, specific learning objectives, and participation in specialized, professional development seminars to build the skills employers are requesting. The integration of academic concepts with planned, supervised work experiences, and internships assist students in developing greater self-awareness and validating career choices. Redlands Community College offers the following experiential learning courses for college credit:

  • Occupational / Technical Internships
  • Job Acquisition Skills / Internship Skills Seminar
  • Career Planning

Job Referral services are available through the Career Services Office. Students may contact the Career Services offices for information regarding employment opportunities. Employers may contact the Career Services Office to post job announcements, schedule on-campus recruiting and interviews.

RCC Career Expo, held annually in the spring provides students the opportunity to explore options for the future, including educational and career opportunities. Employers, College and Career representatives are encouraged to participate in this event. The Career Expo is open to RCC students, are technology center students, area high school students, and the community.

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